Thirty-Six Migrants In Texas Found Trapped Inside Of A Dump Truck With “No Means Of Escape”

By Theodore Shoebat

Thirty-six migrants in Texas were found trapped inside of a dump truck “with no means of escape,” as we read in a report from Fox40:

A tip from an anonymous caller led police in Laredo, Texas, to a surprising discovery: 36 migrants trapped in a hidden compartment inside a dump truck that appeared to be hauling gravel.

Officers had dispatched a wrecker to tow away the disabled dump truck on the morning of January 30, police said. Later that morning, they received a call reporting that people were concealed in a compartment inside the vehicle.

Investigators and rescuers responded to the impound lot and heard banging from inside the truck, Laredo Police spokesman Officer Emanuel Diaz said. The people inside appeared to be trapped, he said.

Rescuers “were able to get a backhoe to take off some of the dirt so they could get out,” Diaz said.

Investigators found that plywood sheets had been installed inside the truck, creating the hidden compartment. A mix of sand, gravel and dirt sat on top of the plywood, police said.

Customs and Border Protection South Texas shared photos of the truck and the migrants on Twitter, stating that the migrants inside had “no means of escape.”

“Make no mistake — the criminal organizations and cartels have no concern for the wellbeing of the people they smuggle across the border,” acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said on Twitter.