Russia Prepares To Allow For Dual Citizenship

Russia is one among many nations which do not allow for her citizens to hold dual citizenship, so in order to become a Russian citizen one must give up his other citizenship, and in if one becomes a citizen of another nation, one forfeits automatically his Russian citizenship. However, this appears to be changing with a new law that will allow for people to hold dual Russian citizenship so long as they do not attempt to claim benefits from the government.

The Law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” is planned to be substantially changed. This was reported by Kommersant, citing a response to a request to the government.

“Given the current notification mechanism for confirming renunciation of foreign citizenship, it is proposed to exclude the requirement that the applicant apply for Russian citizenship to the competent authority of a foreign state with a statement on renunciation of his other citizenship, including for persons recognized as native speakers of the Russian language,” White House press service response received by the newspaper.

According to the head of the Duma committee on CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov, article 13 of the Law “On Citizenship” can expect other changes – this is a cancellation of the requirement for a foreign citizen of the Russian Federation to stay continuously in Russia for five years and paragraph on the need to confirm the legitimate source of livelihood. Leonid Kalashnikov expects the adoption of amendments in February of this year.

As the director of the Institute of Human Rights, lawyer Valentin Gefter , told Pravda Ru , obtaining Russian citizenship in the presence of another is “just a fixation that you are equal with other people living and working in this territory,” no social guarantees if you are constantly Do not live in Russia, that is, you have permanent registration, this does not carry.

According to Valentin Gefter, the only question is how objectively one or another application for citizenship is considered, how officials are not biased towards this. (source)

The law is most likely a response to massive migration from Central Asia, which Russia is inviting in order to build up her internally decaying society, and in doing so it attempting to allow people from nations such as Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan permission to become citizens without paying them state benefits, and in order to receive such, would have to renounce their former national citizenships. It seems to be a way of getting people to stay in Russia long-term and eventually, it seems, hope to rebuild the population that is in serious decay.

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