Abortion Is The Most Significant Political Issue Affecting Relationships

There is a lot of talk about the state of relationships in the US and how there have been tremendous problems between men and women for a variety of reasons. While political and social issues have always affected relationships, the charged atmosphere of today has increased these tensions more than they arguable have ever been throughout American history, and according to a recent study, the primary issue that has affected most relationships, and especially those in dating, is that of infanticide.

Abortion affects dating decisions more than any other political issue, data from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) show.

Almost one in four Americans, or 24% of Americans, said that they would never date someone who did not share their views on abortion, according to AEI’s January 2020 American Perspectives Survey. Forty-four percent of Americans said that it would be difficult to date someone who did not agree with them on abortion, while 32% said it would not be very difficult.

“Women are more likely than men to say the abortion issue is a deal breaker,” AEI explains. “Twenty-nine percent of women say it would be impossible to date someone whose views did not align with their own, while 20 percent of men express this view. Notably, the issue is more of a deal breaker for Republican women than Democratic women (38 percent vs. 27 percent).”

The survey also discovered “Donald Trump as a Dating Deal Breaker:” 83% of Americans who dislike Trump said they would not date someone who felt differently.

These numbers compare to 59% of Americans with very favorable views of Trump who said they would not date someone with opposing views. (source)

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