Scottish Finance Secretary And Major Sodomite ‘Rights’ Advocate Busted Trying To Sexually Assault A Teenage Male

There is a consistent theme between sodomites and the sexual abuse of minors. Those who are most vulnerable are, according to statistics from many sources, teenage males. It does not matter the context, but there is an obsession among the sodomites with male youth and that is the group as a whole which is most often targeted and abused, and is the reason why the sodomites want the age of consent lowered just as the “former sodomite” Michael Voris and the open sodomite and admitted pederast Milo Yiannopoulos have openly discussed in public.

The Secretary of Finance for Scotland is also a sodomite and an advocate for sodomite “rights”. However, he was recently arrested for attempting to seduce and sexually assault a minor.

Scotland’s Finance Secretary, a firm supporter of LGBT education for schools, stepped down in the wake of allegations that he attempted to groom a 16-year-old boy over the internet.

Police are asking the public to come forward with any information pertaining to the scandal.

Derek MacKay, 42, was considered a possible successor to Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. He has now been suspended from the ruling Scottish National Party, and his political future is uncertain.

A story about the Finance Secretary appeared in the Scottish Sun this morning, carrying transcripts of MacKay’s texted conversations with the teenager over Facebook and Instagram. The then-Finance Secretary contacted the young man several times between August 2019 and February 1, 2020.

In his most blatant messages, the politician complimented the boy’s haircut and said, “To be honest, I think you are really cute.”

The texts make it clear that MacKay knew the boy was only 16, that the boy knew MacKay was a powerful politician, and that the boy did not reciprocate the Finance Secretary’s interest. There were multiple days in which McKay’s invitations to chat went unanswered.

In September, MacKay asked the boy if he followed Scottish rugby games, and when the boy said he did, MacKay suggested that they go to one together. He may have disclosed to the boy that he was homosexual. The boy told the Sun that McKay erased that message, but the newspaper published the boy’s reply, which was “As long as your not trying anything with me I don’t mind u being gay.” (source)

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