Major Chinese Scientist Declares That The COVID-19 Coronavirus Came From A Laboratory

The coverup by the CCP of the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic is as evil as it is insulting to the whole world. There is too much evidence that the entire thing was a military weapons that seems, for whatever reason, to have escaped a laboratory in Wuhan. Now in the face of clear evidence, but still to the official non-confirmation of the CCP, a major Chinese scientist is declaring that the illness that is going around the world came from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The uncertainty and the debate over the origins of the coronavirus pandemic are growing with each passing day.

One week after the White House asked scientists to finally investigate whether the Covid-19 virus was bio-engineered (i.e., created in a lab), none other than CNBC jumped on the bandwagon and echoing a similar question by Senator Tom Cotton – and of course, Zero Hedge – said “maybe the coronavirus was man made.”

All this is taking place as the mainstream media, whose purpose is similar to that of Beijing in minimizing public concerns and panic even if it means fabricating reality, presses on with the popular theory that the virus emerged from the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan (we recently showed why this appears very unlikely) while branding anyone who suggests that the coronavirus might have originated as a bioweapon developed in a secretive Wuhan lab as deranged conspiracy theorist (a propaganda approach first popularized in the 1960s by the CIA to discredit controversial views).

Indeed, just today, the FT reported that Trevor Bedford, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, “rubbished stories circulating on social media that Covid-19 was created at Wuhan Institute of Virology or elsewhere in China.” Bedford is of course entitled to his opinion, which was only reinforced by the lack of any dissenting views from the scientific community, especially in “ground zero”, China.

That has now changed, however, with what may be a “smoking gun” report, first noted by Harvard to the big house, from a scientist at the prestigious South China University of Technology in Guangzhou China. A pre-print published by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao, titled “The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus” whose abstract is the following…

The 2019-nCoV has caused an epidemic of 28,060 laboratory-confirmed infections in human including 564 deaths in China by February 6, 2020. Two descriptions of the virus published on Nature this week indicated that the genome sequences from patients were almost identical to the Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus. It was critical to study where the pathogen came from and how it passed onto human. An article published on The Lancet reported that 27 of 41 infected patients were found to have contact with the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. We noted two laboratories conducting research on bat coronavirus in Wuhan, one of which was only 280 meters from the seafood market. We briefly examined the histories of the laboratories and proposed that the coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory. Our proposal provided an alternative origin of the coronavirus in addition to natural recombination and intermediate host.

… and an especially ominous conclusion:

In summary, somebody was entangled with the evolution of 2019-nCoV coronavirus. In addition to origins of natural recombination and intermediate host, the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan. (source)

This scientist may “disappear” because of this, but it does not matter at this point.

As people die around the world, the nations will look to the CCP and ask what happened. The more the CCP puts in effort to cover up the truth, the angrier people will get.

What we are watching, while it may be some years away, is a revolution starting in China. The days of the CCP are numbered.

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