French And Italian Economic Growth Reaches Seven Year Lows

Germany is reporting no economic growth, and now France and Italy both are saying their growth rates are now at seven year lows, feeding fears of a recession.

Economic growth in the 19-nation area which use the euro has fallen back – led by the French and Italian economies finding a reverse gear.

An early estimate of eurozone output by the EU’s Eurostat service found collective growth of 0.1% in the final three months of 2019 following a figure of 0.3% in the July-September quarter.

That left the year-on-year rate of growth at 0.9% – its weakest level for seven years.

The slowdown in the final three months was driven by the bloc’s three largest economies as France contracted by 0.1% and Italy shed 0.3%.

The dominant force that is Germany continued to stagnate – recording zero growth. (source)

The issue here is Germany.

Once Germany has a recession, look for a migrant crisis.

Keep a good eye open for the next six to nine months.

If this happens- both the recession and a migration crisis -there is a very high chance it will spark a revival of more Germanic nationalism.

The Horst Wessel Lied

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