Islamic Terrorists Take 24 People Outside Of A Church, They Separate The Men And Women And Slaughter All Of Them

Islamic terrorists in Burkina Faso took 24 people outside of a church, separated the men from the women and killed them all. As we read in a report from Fox News:

Human rights advocates fear attacks against Christians are increasing “at an alarming rate” in Burkina Faso following a weekend assault that left 24 dead, including a pastor.

Roughly 20 attackers separated men from women near a Protestant church in Pansi on Sunday before killing Christians and Muslims and setting the building on fire, officials in the West African country announced Monday.

“Perpetrators use victims’ links to government or their faith to justify the killings, while others appear to be reprisal killings for killings by the government security forces,” Corinne Dufka, the region’s director for Human Rights Watch, told the Associated Press.

She added analysts are worried that attacks against civilians, including against Christians, are increasing there “at an alarming rate.”