People Flee The Dumps They Created In New York And New Jersey

Seagulls have an interesting phenomena of seeing food in an area, swooping down upon it, picking all the food clean while making a mess, and then flying away to the next pasture while leaving their previous area a mess, spreading mess to a new area. This phenomenon can be observed with humans too, while certainly not animals and certainly many people who are of good will and want to leave areas with policies instituted by men with evil intentions, there is a phenomenon in the US of people who take up residence in major urban areas, institute laws that attempt to drive up property values and increase tax burdens, then begin to complain when quality declines, and yet see no connection to their own actions. However, after living in their own mess for a while, these same people then attempt to leave their self-inflicted messes for a place that is better off, but having not changed their thought processes, only spread their mess to a new area.

This phenomenon seems to be taking place right now, as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut residents in that order have been leaving those state in massive numbers for places such as Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.

A new study finds that New York and New Jersey are losing more residents than any other states.

The career website Zippia looked at the population data from the Census’ American Community Survey to determine the states with the largest population decrease from 2017 to 2018, which is the most recent data available.

New York topped the list, losing 307,190 residents, and New Jersey came in second with 97,124 residents moving out.

Connecticut also made it into the top 10, losing 15,519 residents.

So where are these residents going? Some headed to neighboring states — New Yorkers moved to New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents left for Pennsylvania and New York — while others left in search of warmer climates, like Florida and California.

Meanwhile, Arizona, Idaho and Utah were the fastest growing states, according to the study. (source)

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