Indian Man Worships Donald Trump

There are many jokes made about political idolatry and worship, but it is not a phenomenon unique to human history. Political leaders that people like for whatever reason have been commonly made into “gods” by cultures, whether they are called this or not. In India, this has been the case for thousands of years, where the Aryan conquerors “deified” themselves by creating the Hindu religion with some elements of Dravidian culture in order to keep the “natives” under their control.

While some have said that such political idolatry applies to many Americans over the support of Donald Trump, one man in India has taken this to be the literal truth, and he has dedicated the last four years of his life to worshiping the businessman.

“Instead of praying to other gods, I started praying to him,” Bussa Krishna said, calling the president “my god, Donald Trump.”

“My love for him has transformed into reverence.”

Krishna, 37, started worshiping Trump four years ago when he says he came to him in a dream, hiring 15 laborers to work with him for a month to make the 6-foot statue in his village in the southern state of Telangana.

“Every Friday I fast for Trump’s long life. I also carry his picture and pray to him before commencing any work,” he told the station.

Krishna, who lives alone, is now known locally as Trump Krishna, and his statue-adorned house has been dubbed Trump House. (source)

This is a fascinating look at how the deification process happens.

Likewise, one should also remember that Trump is popular in India because of his support of Hindu nationalism, which is nothing more than an ancient variant of National Socialist ideology in essence, complete with the concept of “blood-and-soil”, the abuse of “foreigners”, and the support of eugenics in the name of worshiping one’s tribe.

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