IRS Begins Showing Up Unannounced To People’s Homes

Two things that people say are inevitable are death and taxes, and nobody likes either, especially if they should come unexpected. While death is a matter on its own, it is always unpleasant to have a ‘visit’ from the tax man. But that is what the IRS has started doing, as the agency is sending agents to people’s homes with a history of filing past due dates to remind them to pay their taxes.

Taxpayers who make six-figure salaries and have a history of filing late returns could get a visitor this filing season.

The IRS is stepping up unannounced house calls to those people to remind them to file their taxes on time.

The IRS also reminds people that they need to file on time, even if they can’t pay.

The agency is stepping up face-to-face visits after hiring more revenue officers. (source)

This action is symbolic of the growing poverty in society. While some people have a history of tardiness, the IRS is known to get what she wants. As the country has grown poorer, there has been a general increase in failures to file as well as just not paying taxes.

This does not effect the very, very wealthy, who likely will continue to get away with paying little to nothing be it legally or illegally. The common man, however, will continue to be squeezed until he has little to nothing left to give, and may even face harsher penalties sooner than in the past. This is absolutely a trend that must be watched for the future because of the potential consequences it holds.

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