Polish President: “Russia Is Not Worthy Of Trust”

Poland and Russia, like Poland and Germany, have a very long history. Poland does not trust either one because both nations have a history of conspiring to invade Poland and then carving her up before attacking each other, and Poland is the one who suffers. She is in one of the worst, and possibly the worst geopolitical positions on earth.

In a statement reported by Russian news agency TASS by way of the Polish publication Sieci that is not a surprise, Poland’s President Andrziej Duda has said that “Russia is not worthy of trust.”

The Polish leader called Russia “the aggressor in Ukraine”, which “continues to occupy Crimea and the territories around Donetsk and Lugansk.” “She [Russia] supports the so-called separatists and behaves aggressively towards other states. She demonstrates force by violating airspace. Thus, she is not a state that could be said to be trustworthy and peacefully implements their interests, “said Duda. (source)

Russian media made her disagreements clear with the statement, but the principle of it cannot be denied. Russia is an occupying power in Donetsk and Lugansk, she is supporting the creation of Caucasus-like republics for her benefit and is funding an armed resistance there for this end. She did steal Crimea from Ukraine, and she does act aggressively towards other smaller nations, especially those close to her, which is consistent with Russia’s attitudes throughout her history, which is also the reason her neighbors do not like Russia, because of her very heavy and often times abusive way of dealing with them and without always a clear reason. This compares to the English, which while known to be abusive, are by comparison far more generous and willing to allow for disagreements or personal differences so long as order is kept.

Poland is no fool. She has been cut up, invaded, and destroyed by both Russia and Germany many times. Right now, Poland is looking out for her own survival. She knows that both Germany and Russia are rising again, and that no matter what happens, she is likely going to get invaded. This is the reason why she has sided so closely with the Americans. It is not because of some love of America, but because the American involvement is a historical abnormality in the region that Poland is trying to exploit so that when the inevitable does happen, she will hopefully get destroyed less than she would under normal conditions. She could care less what Russia thinks, because she knows that if Russia realizes her dream of reviving the USSR as Putin has made clear, she will likely end up economically stripped of her well-being and forced into another “iron curtain” type scenario such as what she lived under during Post-World War II Europe until the destruction of the Berlin wall and the fall of the USSR. Likewise she already knows what Germany wants to do and has done, and is trying to prevent a repeat of that.

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