Respirators Sell Out On Ebay Over COVID-19 Coronavirus Fears

Panic is already happening in the markets as people are trying to ‘prepare’, whatever that means, for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Respirator machines, which are said to help with stopping the virus or helping sick people, have already sold out, and people are also buying them up and re-selling them for very high prices on Ebay reports the Daily Caller.

Prices for respirator masks are rising as public supply dwindles amid government warnings about the potential for widespread coronavirus in the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Tuesday that Coronavirus is expected to spread in America and that “disruption to everyday life might be severe,” according to Fox News. It seems the public has already taken this warning to heart, as many listings for respirators masks on Amazon, Ebay and other online retailers have sold out entirely.

Despite the fact that commonly available face masks are unlikely to prevent the spread of Coronavirus according to Business Insider, dozens of Amazon listings appear to have sold out and are listed as “currently unavailable,” at the time of publication. Even retailers like Optics Planet, which sells outdoor and shooting related gear, are struggling to meet consumer demand for masks.

Meanwhile, some aspiring disaster profiteers have taken to listing masks at exorbitant rates on Ebay. Prices for these upcharged masks range from $40 to $1,000 for common 3M brand masks that can usually be had for only a few dollars. (source)

A simple mask like this will not stop this virus.

Rather, people need to think bigger.

Think about keeping healthy, eating right, basic hygiene, and avoiding big crowds.

These people are just trying to profit from chaos without regard to public health. Such is the story of American capitalism, which is really not about freedom or stopping “communism”, but about trying to strip one’s neighbor of his resources using “legal” means without regard to the common good.

Panicking right now is not the answer, nor is spending a lot of money.

If anything, buy extra food because people may try to purchase a lot from the sueprmarkets and there could be interruptions, but it is not something to panic about.

Live your life, be smart, and act with reason, not out of fear.

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