Man Claims To Be A Sodomite So He Can Get Close To Lesbian And Rape Her

“Here is my gay friend (name here)”, is a phrase that many American women are known to say. There are various reasons why, but a lot of American women love sodomite males and make no shame in declaring it. However, one lesbian had a very unexpected surprise after a man claimed to be a sodomite so he could get close to her and promise to meet and do drugs, but he really was not, and proceeded to rape her according to claims from the New York Post.

Taurence Callagain, 36, was convicted by a jury in the September 2015 incident after meeting the unnamed victim at a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority station just weeks earlier, Fulton County prosecutors announced Tuesday.

“They rode the same train and eventually exchanged numbers,” Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said. “The victim is a lesbian and has a female partner who she was in a relationship with when she met the defendant.”
Callagain gained the victim’s trust by making her believe that he wasn’t interested in women, giving her the impression that he had no intention of starting a sexual relationship, Howard said.

On the night of the attack, the woman missed her last bus, prompting Callagain to offer her a ride home so she wouldn’t have to walk more than a mile to her apartment in Allen Hills.

Howard said Callagain then told the woman that he needed to stop at his home, where the victim thought the pair were going to the man’s bedroom to smoke marijuana. He instead “violently” raped the woman, telling her that he would summon his friends if she resisted, prosecutors said.

“I will get my boys to come in and hold you down,” Callagain told her, according to Howard.
The woman overheard another man’s voice in the home, leaving her terrified that Callagain would make good on his threat if she did not comply.

She later escaped her attacker’s bedroom and fled Callagain’s home, running roughly three miles back to her home, Howard said.

The victim later described Callagain’s bedroom, where her underwear was found in his hamper. Callagain claimed the encounter was consensual, prosecutors said. (source)

There is a lot of debate about “consensual” and “non-consensual”, but there is more in this story than just that.

Here there is a man posing as a sodomite drug dealer to another sodomite- a lesbian -and during their meeting some sort of sexual activity that she claims she did not consent to takes place.

Sodomites are notorious users and abusers of drugs and often in the worst ways. This has been statistically documented and often profiles such individuals, as this is a side of the movement that few wish to speak about.

Rape is always a serious and bad crime, but the fact is that sodomites and those who claim to be sodomites have disproportionate tendencies to associate with criminal elements, hence adding to the gravity of the sin, as the Bible (Romans 1) states that the sin of Sodom often comes as a result of God giving up on a man.

Rape is always bad, and it cannot ever be made light of. But what is to be said for one who associates with people who are known to commit horrible acts of criminality (whether or not, such as in the case of this man, he is a man who has relations with other men)? It would be irrational to think that, possibly, at some point, the same criminal elements one is associating with might turn against oneself.

It is all the more reason to avoid the roads that lead to sodom, for they are a stop on the way to damnation.

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