Israel Claims To Nearly Have Vaccine Ready For The COVID-19 Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic ravages the world, Israel claims in a few weeks she will now have a vaccine against it according to the Jerusalem Post.

Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release.

“Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough,” Akunis said. “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” Akunis said, referring to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

For the past four years, a team of MIGAL scientists has been developing a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which causes a bronchial disease affecting poultry. The effectiveness of the vaccine has been proven in preclinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute. (source)

It would be great if this is actually true in the objective sense. However, I find it suspicious.

I do not assume anything. I have no special proof or “secret” information that would make me different from another. It just seems rather odd.

For example, Israel is known to steal US secrets, and the US also shares a tremendous amount of her intelligence with Israel. This is a dirty secret that has been known for years.

We know the coronavirus has all the marks of a military weapon as confirmed by experts in private industry and governments around the world.

We know the virus seems to have originally come to China after being stolen by Chinese agents from a lab in Canada.

We know that the US in the past has allowed things to be stolen in order to hurt her enemies, such as with the Soviet stealing of a railway program that was a virus and fried Soviet communications on their railway system.

We know that the US and Israel have worked together at helping to overthrow countries all around the world, including the training of death squads.

Could it be that Israel “found” the virus so quickly because, if this is a military weapon, an antidote has already been developed, and it is just now being “released”, and all for public relations reasons?

We do not know. We cannot say this is what happened, as we have no proof of it, and such claims cannot be substantiated without further proof.

But it does make one thing, that such a unique virus, so new an different, is having a vaccine developed for it so fast.

There are many questions about the entire virus situation, and not enough answers.

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