Hindu Terrorist Becomes Christian After Miracle, A Reminder There Is Still Hope Even For Such Types

One of the major trends that I have warned needs to be monitored closely is the rise of Hindu nationalism in India, where Hindu terrorists from evil nationalist groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Bajrang Dal (BD), and other groups as well as their veritable extensions by way of Hindu nationalist political parties such as the Bharat Jnata Party (BJP) want to revive the evils of Hinduism and exterminate Christians in the process as well as other non-Hindus.

At the same time it is important to point out these evils, it is also important to point out that as long as a man lives, there is still hope for such people. There have been many stories of conversions from Hindu nationalists and terrorist to Christians in India, and this is what one needs to hope for, as one does not want to just rescue the body, but also the soul.

The Catholic news website Asia News recently put out a good story about a former Hindu terrorist who was involved with the RSS and other groups as well as terrorism against Christians that upon his daughter contracting a serious illness, was told by a pastor to abandon his evil ways in Hinduism and follow Christ and his daughter would be healed. The terrorist was filled with hatred, but he eventually took the pastor’s advice, and not only was his daughter healed, but he is now a Christian and while he says he has suffered severely from his former Hindu nationalist comrades, he says that he has given up everything to follow Christ and will persist because it is the truth.

“I studied up to 6th Class in 1980 in Chokapad, Tiakabali Block, the ashram built by VHP leader Swami Lakshmanananda. They instilled the poison of hatred in my mind since childhood. I learnt to hate and torture Christians. The belief was: ‘To save Hinduism, Christians must be eliminated from Kandhamal’.”

When “I was a VHP and RSS leader I tortured many Christians, threatened them with Ghar Wapsi[*] to Hinduism. I desecrated many churches. In 2005 my wife Usharani had divine visions. She forbade me from eating meat and drink.

“Our five children were sick. I went to the temple and offered pujas.[†] I sold gold off jewels; I sacrificed goats; I spent a lot of money.”

One day, “Rev Pavitra Mohomo Kata came to my house and spoke to my wife. He told her: ‘If you believe in God, your daughter will be saved.’ I hated him because he was a Christian. But Jesus Christ healed my daughter from illness thanks to the pastor’s constant prayers.

In 2014, “when the BJP rose to power in the centre, the VHP and the RSS invited me to return to Hinduism by promising me many goods and opportunities. I refused everything to proclaim Jesus my Saviour.”

Currently, Niladri is actively involved in visiting families and praying, despite the death threats against him. Dusha Pradhan, Kalumaha and Raikia are three people who have benefited from the power of his prayer.

“I had been sick for a long time, then I was healed by the power of Jesus Christ through Nilagri’s prayers,” said Pradhan.

“Before, I used sacred threads, tying medicine to my hand, but now I no longer use these remedies after finding the true God,” Dusha added. (source)

Let this be a reminder to everybody that the mission of combatting evil in the modern world is the same as it always was, having a spiritual and a temporal side.

It is important to fight, but it is also important to pray. This is not to say that one should simply march off to war, or one should just sit back and, to use a phrase employed and abused by countless American Christians regardless of the denomination to “pray about it”, but to balance the two in a practical and just way.

Likewise, one must also remember that as nationalism rises around the world and the nations prepare for what appears to be another global war, that Christians will suffer, being used as pawns by political actors and then destroyed for the same political gain by the very same actors who started the conflict.

It is important to prepare in the context of both aspects- the spiritual and the temporal -for what is coming. Likewise, the forecasts for India right now remain the same, and as I have said before, if one wants to best help the Christians of India, the current path of action is to help get as many Christians out of India as possible before it becomes too difficult.

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