Thousands Of Migrants Are Trying To Enter Greece As Satanic And Occult Right-Wing Activists And Paramilitaries Are Fighting To Stop Them

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat

As thousands of migrants, fleeing war torn Idlib, are striving to enter Greece, Right-wing activists from Germany and Austria have arrived in Greece to show solidarity to the nationalist cause of precluding the migrants from entering. Conservatives will praise these actions, but let us look into what we are dealing with here.

The activists went to Mitilini, capital of the island of Lesbos, where they clashed with Left-wing activists. The purpose of their arrival was to, supposedly, show solidarity with the Greek people in the face of this migrant wave.

German Right-wing blogger, Oliver Flesch, was in Greece where he clashed with Antifa activists. As we read in a report from the German publication, Taz:

“Right-wing blogger Oliver Flesch and two companions clashed with left-wing demonstrators in Lesbos. Together they had agitated on Saturday in an anti-fascist demonstration in the island’s capital, as the island newspaper Sto Nisi reported on Sunday. Thereupon demonstrators chased them; the police intervened. It is the second time in a week that right-wingers from Germany wanted to show solidarity with the Greeks on Lesbos.”

According to the Greek publication, Stonisi, a politician with the Alternative for Deutschland party (AfD), Oliver Kirchner, was also in Mitilini to take part in the Right-wing assembly against the migrants. Another German Right-wing nationalists that went to Greece was Mario Müller, the head of the German Identitarians in Halle. Martin Sellner, who confronted in 2017, the main figure head of the Identitarians in Austria, was also in Greece to join their cause against the migrants.

Martin Sellner, as we have shown numerous times, runs the Austrian Identitarian movement which is riddled with paganism.

The Austrian Identitarian movement, while it may have a semblance of Christian “tradition,” has in its aspiration a push towards paganism. One can see this in a manifesto of the Identitarian movement, entitled Generation Identity, by Marcus Willinger, which declares a statement of faith of paganism:

“The truth is that Christianity is dead in Europe. For a long time it hasn’t been the crucial factor in the lives of the European peoples; it is no longer their driving force; and they no longer derive the meaning of their lives from it. …If we Europeans are still Christians, we are pagan Christians, without any global ambitions and without a claim to rule the world. It is a polytheistic Christianity that we believe in today. We believe in our God, and say that others believe in their gods too. We’ve lost the will to proselytise. Today we are closer to pagan Europe than to the Europe from of a thousand years ago.” (p. 76)

Martin Sellner himself promotes a syncretism between paganism and Christianity, stating:

“We say that we fight against the enemies of all European cultural and religious traditions. This is why radical neopagans wearing Thor’s hammer, for example, stand hand in hand with staunch Catholic and Orthodox Christians during our summer camp in France. They have a mutual respect for each other’s religiosity. Even representatives from such novel movements such as the “solar Christians” (fr. chretiens solairs) appeared among the French identitarians. They are baptized Christians, faithful children of the Church, yet they are not opposed to celebrating pagan seasonal holidays as part of their North-European cultural heritage.”

Martin Sellner, in our debate with him, said that “Christians and Pagans should unite together” to fight mass immigration:

Martin Sellner also worked with Jack Donovan, the American sodomite pagan who pushes for pagan tribalism and who is also an ideological terrorist who openly promotes lying to people who are not part of ‘the tribe,’ and pushes for violence against people who are “not your people,” meaning not white. He also pushes for a religion revolved around bloodshed, where violence is “sacramental.” It is the pagan aspiration to replace the Catholic sacraments of Eucharist, Chalice and Confession, with a sacrament of human blood. There is a video of Donovan’s speech which he made in February of 2017, at a conference in Germany organized by Sezession, the magazine publication for Sellner’s Identitarian movement. In this talk, Donovan declared that one can lie to one’s enemies, and that violence is good if one can get away with it. We compiled a number of clips from the Austrian Identitarian conference where Donovan is promoting violence and deception:


There have also been reports of Right-wing militants attacking NGOs, migrants and journalists in Greece, as we read in InfoMigrants:

König-Preuss also expressed concern about attacks by far-right activists on refugees, aid workers and journalists in Greece. Several aid groups on Lesbos announced last week that they were suspending work and evacuating personnel because of attacks on staff. Douglas Herman, from the organization Refocus, which teaches media skills to refugees, said “once night falls, there are non-stop attacks on NGOs, on workers, on people who are here as volunteers.” Herman told the AFP news agency that “fascist” mobs were responsible for the violence.

On top of German Right-wing activists there are also Greek paramilitaries patrolling streets in Evros (the region of Greece that borders with Turkey) for migrants. These paramilitaries have members of the Golden Dawn, a Nazi party in Greece rooted in occultism and satanism. There is one paramilitary in particular that is getting the attention of Greek media called Guardians of Thrace. According to Greek journalist Lambros Demertzis:

It seems that things are thickening in Evros, as the Guardians of Thrace, so-called armed paramilitaries, as you can see … are taking action to repatriate migrants.

The organization has also been involved in the past, as they had damaged the offices of Ahmet Sadik’s Peace and Friendship Party nearly three years ago in Komotini.

These Right-wing paramilitaries, according to the Greek publication, tvxs, “have been left unchecked and have already recorded attacks on citizens and journalists.”  The Guardians of Thrace boasts about having the ability to shoot at migrants from three kilometers away. In a statement from the paramilitary it says:

There are our free shooters who can shoot suspects on the Turkish side through Greek territory 3 kilometers away and in a straight shot … if needed .

The paramilitary also said: “we are waiting for orders to take action.” But they also said that they have been instructed to be careful not to cause a general conflict. The question is, how have these paramilitaries trained? Who trained them? Are they ex military? And who is giving them orders?

Thracian paramilitaries have members of the neo-Nazi party of Greece, Golden Dawn, in their ranks. According to tvsx:

 Thrace nationalist battalions are staffed by several Golden Dawn followers and other right-wingers, who are often autonomous and seek to become a kind of far-right “militia”

Speaking of paramilitaries and patrolling against migrants, this leads one to look into a branch of Greece’s armed forces that consists of citizen volunteers and which has many Nazis in its ranks. We are talking about the Greek National Guard (Εθνοφυλακή, Ethnofylakí), which Golden Dawn acolytes and other nationalists have been joining in order to be in a position to keep migrants out. To quote Greek journalist Yannis Sidiropoulos from a 2018 article: “it has been causing widespread concern for years, along with the rise of the far-right, that the National Guard may have turned into a potentially fascist or neo-Nazi arm.”

These volunteer corps are mainly located in border regions and islands and in some cases are placed in areas where there are minority populations in Thrace and Western Macedonia. The idea of using nationalists for the National Guard in Thrace (where tensions over migrants are high) is part of a plan that is years in the making, since in a 2012 rally the Commander of the National Guard declared:

I wish we had more conscious nationalists, who will be actively involved in every action, not because of the law or the rules, but because of their docility, and a means of selfless giving to their family and society as a whole. “

National Guard fighters have also been given expensive military equipment, which is a cause for concern about the overreaching power given to citizen militias. On September of 2019, Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and the Evros MP and Vice President of the House of Representatives, Anastasios Dimoschakis, revealed a government plan to set up patrols in urban areas. Anastasios Dimoschakis, an MP for the center-right New Democracy party, complained in 2019 that “nationalists, who are part of of the Greek army,” are “guarding night depots of fuel, ammunition and various military installations without pay.”

There is one famous paramilitary member, Panagiotis Bandemis, who has made a presence in Greek online media. He was once a member of the Golden Dawn but then switched to the National Front. He has made his Nazi ideology quite apparent when he said that Hitler “applied a bit of national socialism the way it should have been.” The Greek newspaper, Target, described Bandemis as a “sniper ready for everything” who wants to possibly shoot Muslims at the border. Bandemis’s pursuit to lead a citizen brigade against foreigners has reached into the realm of criminality. 2011 was the year when this point was reached. Bandemis led a group of 10 members of the Golden Dawn in Epirus searching for foreigners. They spotted two middle aged women and asked them if they were Albanians. The two women insisted that they were Greeks, but the Nazis rejected this and asked to see their IDs. The women refused. The obstinance of the women was responded to with violence, as Bandemis and his gang physically attacked them. As we read in esfyn:

Bandemis asked them if they were Albanians and when they replied that they were Greeks, he asked them for their identities. The women refused to show it, and then the perpetrators began throwing them down, punching, kicking and crushing them and seized the first woman’s purse, removing money while attempting to seize her second cellphone.

Bandemis, although he was sentenced to 14 years and 10 months in prison, enjoyed having his sentence suspended, giving him time to continue his shenanigans.

One Greek official who supports the use of the National Guard against migrants is Deputy Minister of National Defence, Alkiviadis Stefanis (American trained at Fort Knox). In October of 2019 the Office of the Prime Minister announced that Alkiviadis Stefanis would be appointed coordinator of “the various departments of the Ministries involved in the movement and relocation of refugees inside the country”. The statement from the Prime Minister said: “To better coordinate the various departments of the Ministries involved in the movement and relocation of refugees within the country in order to block the islands, a special coordinator is appointed by the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Alkiviadis Stephanis”.

Mr. Stefanis has allegedly played a decisive role with the National Guard since 2017 as the leader of the General Staff, reinforcing the nationalist Reserve Clubs with the aim of generalizing militarization, and from the very first day of his duties in the ministry he has sent “a special message” to the National Guard and the Reserve. While this “special message” was recorded, it for some reason was never released. According to one Greek publication, “militarizing the crisis of illegal immigration” is a direct result of “the decision to immediately involve” Stefanis “as he intends to recruit the National Guard as well.” Stefanis is the one who has enabled the use of the National Guard — essentially citizen militia — to act as border guards. To quote slpress:

Today, Alkibiadis Stephanis is the man who activates the National Guard in a border guard role to reduce refugee-migrant flows. As he says, under the current legal framework, “the individual tasks of the National Guard are defined in detail in business plans. Consequently, the tasks assigned to the National Guard by the Army General Staff are directly related to the operational requirements of each .” His statement opens a door for active involvement by the National Guard as the Armed Forces clearly have a refugee-migrant mission.

Greek journalist Antonis Rigopoulos echoes a similar observation on Stefanis and the National Guard:

Mr Stefanis’ case, however, is of concern, not only because of his high position in the ministry, but also because of recent announcements of a reorganization of the National Guard body, which the deputy secretary also seems to support.

Militant Web sites, shortly after ND’s [New Democracy party] election, spoke of government intentions to upgrade the National Guard, a body that was created in 1948, at the height of the Civil War, by a decision of the GSE.

Rigopoulos also makes mention of the battalions receiving training and of a plan to position these civilian soldiers in the island of Attica and the region of Thessaloniki which borders with the Republic of Macedonia. Rigopoulos further observes how “the plan to upgrade the National Guard was undertaken by Deputy Minister Stephanis himself” and how Stephanis, in September of 2019, attended training courses of the National Guard in Rhodes.

Through the means of Stephanis’ enabling of the National Guard, Golden Dawn neo-Nazis and other nationalist fanatics are in the ranks of border security, setting themselves up in position to force out or keep out migrants in the name of their ideology of racial purity. The Golden Dawn’s official website boasts about these militias in the islands of Kos, Lesbos and various others. In one post made by the Golden Dawn in March 10, 2020, it reads:

residents in Lesvos and Kos are setting up militia groups, while in Chios, residents remain at hotspots in the Chalki to initially prevent any offensive actions by migrant workers and their migrants in the area, to stop any intention of building a new center, even though it has been formally excluded in their village.

Fearing new waves of migrants from the Turkish coast of Kos, the islanders have created small flexible groups of 3-5 people, patrolling spots that are found to approach boats with migrants. Since the clear Monday night, groups of 30-50 residents have been gathering in the areas of Psalidi, Faros and Tigaki to prevent migrants from landing on the island’s beaches.

On the same day, the Golden Dawn released another post praising the decision of the Greek government to allow civilians to guard the border. It reads that “The government, through the decisions of KYSEA [Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence], showed its interest, following proposals from the military and pressured by popular vote (pushed by popular outcry), deciding to shift its effort to the eastern border and finally assign the officer (Assistant to the Army), the fire department and with the support of the people guarding the border.” It then declares that the “Guard of the border and the country can only be done by Greeks”. The post then ends with a recruitment poster by the Golden Dawn. On the upper left hand corner of the poster is the Greek swastika surrounded by a laurel crown (an image loved by ethno-nationalists who obsesses over Graeco-Roman civilization); on the top it reads “GOLDEN DAWN”. On the main body of the poster it reads:



On the poster is a Greek flag riddled with bloody bullet holes.

But what of this group that calls itself the Golden Dawn? And what of the Nazis of Greece, whose presence is becoming more defined as the migrant situation only gets worse? Conservatives will look to these migrants as enemies and the nationalists who hate them as heroes. But while these conservatives will praise Christian principles, they either do not know or do now wish to know that these nationalists in Greece are rooted in not only racism but satanic ideology. There is extremely little that has been said in the English language on the Satanism of the Golden Dawn, but looking to the Greek language — as we did back in January of 2019 when we exposed the Right-wing political party — what we find in the founder of this party is a strong desire for the reign of the Antichrist and the kingdom of Satan.

For one, where does the political organization get its title? From the satanic cult that the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, was a part of. This was confirmed by the Greek Metropolitan of Piraeus, Serafim, who described the political organization in Greece as getting its title as a “loan” from the “Satanic, Pseudo-Religious and Panganic Order of the Golden Dawn”. Serafim said that he has published five texts condemning the pagan character of the Golden Dawn. In 2015, Serafim wrote a letter to Elias Panagiotaros, a known spokesperson in the Golden Dawn, in which he warned: “you have occult paganism which, as readily envisaged is highly adversary to Christian Faith and Truth.” In the same letter the bishop also pointed to how in 2008, the magazine for the Golden Dawn, New Sparta (a title which denotes pagan sentiments), had “clear pagan content”.

In October of 2017, Serafim wrote another letter to the Golden Dawn, this time to its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, reminding him that the original Golden Dawn cult had as one of its members “the known Satanist Aleister Crowley,” and that it was “based on the mysterious Kabbalah, which is the inspiration and the work of Satanists”.

In 2015 Seraphim warned about the Golden Dawn when he wrote of “the unprecedented radicalization of some neopagan organizations” most of which “go beyond law and outrage all decency”. He also warned: “They openly declare the formation of armed groups, the so-called “warriors of the gods … They speak of a river of blood and piles of corpses… They express their intention to launch ‘a holy liberation war’ against Orthodox Christians whom they call ‘invaders who occupied the territory of Greece.” While American conservatives would praise the Golden Dawn upon hearing about how they want to ‘stop the migrant invaders,’ the reality is that these Greek nationalists want to do genocide. Its not just Syrian Muslims that they want to kill, but Christians. What part of they shall deceive the very elect (Matthew 24:24) do these American conservatives not understand?

In the year 2013, the Greek journalist, Dean Kalimniou, wrote an in depth article entitled, Golden Dawn and the Devil. In this article Kalimniou recounts how before Michaloiakos entered the Greek parliament he wrote a preface for a poetry book written by Odysseus Paterakis’, a Greek occultist, entitled, “The Shining Darkness of Lucifer – The National Greek Religion.” In his preface, Michaloliakos expresses his desire, not for the return of Christ, but for the coming of the kingdom of Satan which, he believes, will arrive to overthrow Christianity in Greece. Michaloiakos looks forward to the time when Satan will oust “twenty centuries of darkness,” restore “lost Paradises of old” which comprise the “future world of our dreams, which by our own Will, shall become a reality”. Michaloliakos, the leader of the nationalist Golden Dawn party, is calling for the coming of the kingdom of Lucifer. This party, and all those who follow them, are servants of the Antichrist. Both the Muslims and the occultists of the Golden Dawn would be in glee if they ever see in the Islamic messiah (the Antichrist) who, in the words of the prophet Muhammad, “will destroy the cross”.  

In this book of satanic poems, the occultist Odysseus Paterakis writes: “The meek beware, we have returned, in the ranks of the black battalions of Hell. We proceed in the footsteps of Prometheus, and Lucifer illuminates our way”. In his preface Michaloiakos praises these lines as “Spiritual Courage” and “Ideological Consistency”. In Michaloiakos’ ideology, Christianity is a foreign entity that has corrupted the authentic pagan character of Greece. The Golden Dawn is a party of the Antichrist awaiting for the kingdom of the Antichrist to make war against Christ and His Church.

No amount of propaganda about being in favor of “Orthodox Christianity” coming out of the Golden Dawn can change the satanic reality of this party. What the nationalists of Greece, and the rest of Europe want has nothing to do with Christianity, but with a sinister aspiration of occultism and Darwinian ideology. In the words of Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis, “Europe is pushed further into a dark and arid future consistent with the serpent’s plans.” (And The Weak Suffer What The Must? p. 204). Indeed, that old serpent that St. John spoke of is rising up its lofty head, and with its chameleon skin it masquerades as conservative, Christian, Catholic and Orthodox; it slithers its way into the souls of the nations and intoxicates them to do evil while believing that they are doing righteousness. The time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. (John 16:2) The serpent sinks his fangs into the hearts of the people, and as they glory themselves in the pride of egoism, they crucify Love Himself. They will slaughter the Syrian in hatred, being instruments of cruelty (Genesis 49:5), while they viciously turn away from the verse:

And the remnant of Syria;
They will be as the glory of the children of Israel (Isaiah 17:3)

They will claim to believe in God, but they exclaim with the old serpent:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High. (Isaiah 14:14-15) 

The old demons of fascism never went away, they only went into hiding, waiting for their moment to rise again. In 1991, Yannis Varoufakis met with an old farmer in the southern Peloponnese named George, who was a veteran of the Greek Nazis under the Third Reich. He gave Varoufakis, as a gift, a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. In a conversation around his goats, George told Varoufakis, “The Germans were above God … Unlike the Italians or our own mob, they could use any means to get the job done. Without wincing! Without passion! You had to see them with their own eyes. … They were magnificent.” (And The Weak Suffer What The Must? p. 205). This worship of government, of state, of power and order, here lies the spirit of the pharisee, who wars against God Himself while praising Caesar for doing his evil deeds.