Major Right-Wing Political Organization Declares That They Are Awaiting For The Coming Of The Kingdom Of The Antichrist And Want To Wipe Out All Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat

As tensions between Greeks and Macedonians continue to intensify, there is a nationalist force working to capitalize on the situation for its own popularity, the Golden Dawn party in Greece. While this party is deceptively portraying themselves as pro-Christianity, they are in reality a sinister group with satanist and occult roots. In fact, their leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has proclaimed his angst to see the coming of the kingdom of Satan to wipe out Christianity. 

Lets first delve a little into the current political controversy between Greece and Macedonia before describing the satanism of this political organization.   

Golden Dawn fanatics

Tensions between Greece and Macedonia are still boiling. Macedonia, after an agreement with Greece (known as the Prespa Agreement), is now calling itself “North Macedonia.” While the administration of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to the name change, nationalists in the Greek government are making their remonstrances. Greek nationalists in the populace have been enraged over the agreement, and they are using the arguments that they have been using for years: that Macedonia is only truly northern Greece, the region of Thessaloniki; and they look up to Alexander the Great and declare that he was born in the Macedonia of northern Greece, and that the Slavs of modern North Macedonia are stealing the legacy of the ancient conquerer and making an affront to Greek heritage. There is also fear that goes beyond historical arguments, and that is that Macedonia is trying to claim the territory of northern Greece for herself. The AP reported that “Macedonia passed a series of constitutional amendments through its own parliament to change the country’s name and change articles in its constitution that could be construed as advocating an annexation of Greek territory.”

151 out of 300 of Greece’s parliamentarians agreed with the deal with Macedonia, which gave Tsipras just a hair of a victory. But now the Greek parliament has been going through a debate that is to conclude soon. Part of the deal is that Macedonia will be recognized as a Slavic country with a Slavic language. Tsipras confirmed this by saying that “Our neighbors are distinguishing their identity by recognizing that their language is Slavic and that their culture is not related in any way to the ancient Greek heritage”. But this also has angered Greek politicians and civilians. “You gave, with your signature, consents and concessions which no government ever did in the past,” said Giorgos Koumoutsakos, parliamentary spokesman for the opposition party, New Democracy. Tsipras also said that Macedonia “will have to change the names of monuments, infrastructure and public spaces”, so as not to have anything named after Alexander the Great or that would denote Greek heritage.

There is also a raging dispute over Macedonia’s flag, which bares the pagan image of the star of Vergina (called so after the village of the same name where ancient relics of the image have been found). Greeks are angered by this because to them it is a hijacking of their ancient heritage. Tsipras affirmed that ”our neighbors will have to remove the star from every symbol as its right of use reverts exclusively to Greece.” The five pointed star that the Greeks and Slavic Macedonians are battling over is believed to be an image of the sun-god, Helios. While many of those involved in this conflict over heritage will cloak themselves with the Cross, there is nothing Christian about this controversy, as the two sides are battling over pagan symbolism and the rights over the legacy of the sodomite pagan emperor, Alexander the Great.

Star of Vergina flag of Macedonia

The root of the whole situation is national pride. Racialism is what is fueling this tribalist conflict, with the Greeks wanting to take away the name of Macedonia from any title that Greece’s neighbor gives herself. For years Slavic Macedonia was known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and now it is calling herself North Macedonia. The point of contention is the name “Macedonia,” because the Greeks do not see their neighbor has having the ethnic roots deserving of the title, but as Slavs, or even ‘mongrel’ Bulgarians.     

Even the former Democrat House Minority Leader of New Hampshire, the Greek American Chris Spriou, recently got involved in this racial controversy — taking sides with the Greeks with an ethno-centric argument — when he wrote to the United Nations that “there is one, and only one, permanent solution to the ‘Macedonia’ name dispute. And that is for the United Nations to name the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM’ with a name more suited to the ethnological composition of its inhabitants. A name of their own choice.”  Spirou even gave a speech to Greek demonstrators in Athens in the recent protest against the agreement.

But there is a darker side in this whole controversy, and that is the surge in popularity for the Nazi political party, the Golden Dawn, which actually wants to expel all ethnic Slavic Macedonians (Slavophone Greeks) out of northern Greece. The Golden Dawn is currently the third largest party in Greece, having 15 seats in the Hellenic Parliament (out of 300), 26 seats in regional parliaments (out of 701 seats) and 3 seats in the EU parliament (out of the 21 seats held by Greek politicians in the EU). With SYRIZA’s compromising with Macedonia, the Golden Dawn are using the situation to bolster their own position and gain more popularity. 

While many people will be fooled by the Golden Dawn’s appearance of ‘Orthodox Christianity’ and patriotism, the political organization’s real roots are founded in the occult, satanism and the spirit of Antichrist. 

For one, where does the political organization get its title? From the satanic cult that the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, was a part of. This was confirmed by the Greek Metropolitan of Piraeus, Serafim, who described the political organization in Greece as getting its title as a “loan” from the “Satanic, Pseudo-Religious and Panganic Order of the Golden Dawn”. Serafim said that he has published five texts condemning the pagan character of the Golden Dawn. In 2015, Serafim wrote a letter to Elias Panagiotaros, a known spokesperson in the Golden Dawn, in which he warned: “you have occult paganism which, as readily envisaged is highly adversary to Christian Faith and Truth.” In the same letter the bishop also pointed to how in 2008, the magazine for the Golden Dawn, New Sparta (a title which denotes pagan sentiments), had “clear pagan content”.

Elias Panagiotaros deputy of the Greek Parliament and member of extreme right ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi), delivers a speech during a pre-election rally in front of the Ministry of Defence, in Athens, on June 14, 2012. As Greece heads for a momentous electoral battle that could decide whether it stays in the eurozone, party leaders are scrambling to reassure angry voters they can bank on the single currency. AFP PHOTO / ANDREAS SOLARO (Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/GettyImages)


Met. Seraphim of Piraeus

In October of 2017, Serafim wrote another letter to the Golden Dawn, this time to its leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, reminding him that the original Golden Dawn cult had as one of its members “the known Satanist Aleister Crowley,” and that it was “based on the mysterious Kabbalah, which is the inspiration and the work of Satanists”.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos

In the year 2013, the Greek journalist, Dean Kalimniou, wrote an in depth article entitled, Golden Dawn and the Devil. In this article Kalimniou recounts how before Michaloiakos entered the Greek parliament he wrote a preface for a poetry book written by Odysseus Paterakis’, a Greek occultist, entitled, “The Shining Darkness of Lucifer – The National Greek Religion.” In his preface, Michaloliakos expresses his desire, not for the return of Christ, but for the coming of the kingdom of Satan which, he believes, will arrive to overthrow Christianity in Greece. Michaloiakos looks forward to the time when Satan will oust “twenty centuries of darkness,” restore “lost Paradiseis of old” which comprise the “future world of our dreams, which by our own Will, shall become a reality”. Michaloliakos, the leader of the third largest party in Greece, is calling for the coming of the kingdom of Lucifer. This party, and all those who follow them, are servants of the Antichrist. Both the Muslims and the occultists of the Golden Dawn would be in glee if they ever see in the Islamic messiah (the Antichrist) who, in the words of the prophet Muhammad, “will destroy the cross”. 

In this book of satanic poems, the occultist Odysseus Paterakis writes: “The meek beware, we have returned, in the ranks of the black battalions of Hell. We proceed in the footsteps of Prometheus, and Lucifer illuminates our way”. In his preface Michaloiakos praises these lines as “Spiritual Courage” and “Ideological Consistency”. In Michaloiakos’ ideology, Christianity is a foreign entity that has corrupted the authentic pagan character of Greece. The Golden Dawn is a party of the Antichrist awaiting for the kingdom of the Antichrist to make war against Christ and His Church. 

Now, because he is in the political scene and must masquerade his true beliefs through perceptions, Michaloiakos provides a face of Christianity by expressing respect to “our Orthodoxy”. He believes that to protect Christianity one must war against ‘racial miscegenation’, a belief that was met with the condemnation of Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessaloniki who criticized the Golden Dawn’s ‘charitable’ efforts of handing out free meals strictly to poor people of Greek descent (as opposed to anyone suffering economic troubles, despite race). Regardless of the illusional layer of Christianity that they present to a gullible and angry public, the Golden Dawn’s racist and tribalist sentiment is an indication of its satanic nature. The diabolical ways of the Golden Dawn is reflected in one of it’s members, Giorgos Germenis. Known by the pseudonym “Kiadas,” Germenis is part of the satanic metal band, Naer Mataron, the songs of which are filled with anti-Christian and satanic lyrics, such as:

Silence in the forest, frosty odor of crime

Capture of the moment and human sacrifice

Tragomorphos touched the nostalgic myth,

Satanic wonderful, the Great Pan.

Time of the evening, darkness rises

And the exiles of the day, Lucifer

the poets wake up

You can also see in one of their videos the obvious demonic imagery of upside crosses and the pentagram:

By these people’s words and the imagery they uphold, one can tell that the Golden Dawn does not want peace, but violence and murder, the blood of the saints. This is what the Metropolis of Piraeus was warning about back in November of 2015, when he pointed to “the unprecedented radicalization of some neopagan organizations” most of which “go beyond law and outrage all decency”. He also warned: “They openly declare the formation of armed groups, the so-called “warriors of the gods … They speak of a river of blood and piles of corpses… They express their intention to launch ‘a holy liberation war’ against Orthodox Christians whom they call ‘invaders who occupied the territory of Greece.”

In 2013, this same Metropolis described the Golden Dawn as “a Battalion of Satanism and Paganism”. And from looking at their leader, and their fixation on paganism and race, one can easily see how such a group, if it gets enough power, would form death squads to slaughter Christians and others. They are like those idol makers who, seeing how the Church was purging paganism from the Greeks, cried out “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!” and wanted the people to remain worshipping the image which fell down from Zeus (Acts 19:23-35).

This idol that fell “from Zeus” was in Asia Minor, that is modern day Turkey. Greece is going full pagan and is returning to that image, and the people of Islamized Anatolia today already worship a pagan stone idol that fell from heaven, the Black Stone in the Kaaba at Mecca. The conditions are already there for a pagan unification with Islam.

These idolaters, if they gain full power, will unite with those other forces of Antichrist who worship that image which fell from Allah, and together under the dragon — the beast — make war upon those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. (Revelation 12:17) 


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