America Has Unleashed The Turkish Monster: Turkey’s Military Will Commit Atrocities In The Middle East

By Theodore Shoebat

The further Turkish expansion into Syria is indication of something very dark: more massacres by soldiers or Turkish proxies. We have already seen massacres and inhumanities in Syria due to Turkey’s brutal foreign policy. For example, there was a video that came out in 2017 showing Turkish soldiers decapitating Kurdish fighters:

The soldier at the beginning holds up a decapitated head and says “[Turgut Kurtçu,] Efe Osman Apaydın your blood has been avenged.” He is referring to two Turkish soldiers who were killed while fighting the PKK. Another soldier asks: “You are not sending the photos using WhatsApp, right?” The soldier who was holding the head then demands: “Don’t send them using WhatsApp.” “Bluetooth, bluetooth” says another soldier. The first soldier then says: “From device to device.”  “Definitely” says another Turkish soldier. These soldiers were sharing images of decapitation with each other.

These sorts of desecrations of the body happen in war, yes. There have been American soldiers who have done horrendous evils in Iraq and Afghanistan, so we are not singling out Turks. But lets keep a level head and remember that the Turks have a very long history of atrocities. There is a reason why so many Middle Easterners (Iraqis, Arabs, Palestinians, etc.,) deserted to the British side during World War One after being drafted (forced) to fight for the Ottoman empire: its because there was a horrendous deprivation of a good quality of life under the Ottomans. I would choose living under an American military occupation over a Turkish military takeover any day.

Massacres of civilians by Turkish soldiers will be a clear and explicit reality — as real as it was during the centuries of the Ottoman Empire –, and this is indicated by what happened in 2014, in the massacre of the Christian Armenian village of Kessab. Eighty people were butchered — people were shot and beheaded — by ISIS criminals. Initially the story was presented as an ISIS massacre, but leaked information revealed that the massacre was facilitated by the Turkish government.

In 2015, a senior Western official revealed that intelligence information gathered from the compound of Abu Sayyaf revealed serious ties between Turkish officials and ISIS terrorists:

A senior Western official claimed that information gathered at the compound of Abu Sayyaf, the individual responsible for oil smuggling operations on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who was killed in a US commando operation a few months ago, points to high-level contacts between Turkish officials and leading ISIL members, the Guardian newspaper in the UK has recently reported.

In March of 2018 reported that the Turkish air force bombed a heritage site of ancient churches in Afrin. Turkish backed fighters also ambushed a Kurdish politician and even targeted US troops, as we read from a report from Foreign Policy:

Over the weekend, a group of Turkish-backed forces ambushed a female Kurdish politician driving on the M4, the main highway through Syria and Iraq, forced her from the car, and killed her.

The group even deliberately targeted U.S. troops in Kobani on Friday, two U.S. officials, speaking on background to discuss sensitive operations, said separately. On Oct. 11, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Brook DeWalt confirmed reports that U.S. troops there had come under artillery fire from Turkey, adding that they were unharmed.

“It is not a mistake,” one senior U.S. administration official said. “They are trying to push us out.”

The Turkish monster has been unleashed by the United States, and it’ll be a monster that we will eventually lose control over.