Death Count In Italy Exceeds 10,000, With 889 People Dead Just Today

By Theodore Shoebat

The death count in Italy is over 10,000, with 889 people dying of coronavirus today. According to Il Tiempo:

3,651 people tested positive for coronavirus in Italy. A drop compared to 4,401 yesterday. And 889 people died in Italy and tested positive for coronavirus. Since the outbreak, the total has been 10,023. 1434 people have been cured today in Italy after having tested positive for coronavirus. It is the highest figure since the beginning of the epidemic. 

Imagine a series of terrorist attacks killing this many people. But this is a microscopic killer, and its murdering thousands of people. Terrorist attacks will shift the political atmosphere of a society; we cannot say differently about a disease. The fact that the EU hindered medical supplies from entering Italy and the Italian government had to get supplies from China, is going to intensify anti-EU and anti-globalism sentiment. Nationalism and populism will be stoked up as part of the ripple effects of this virus.

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