Greek Government Gives Permission To Employers To Reduce Wages By 50%

By Theodore Shoebat

The Greek government is permitting employers to reduce wages by 50%. The opposition party within the Greek government complained:

“Greece is the only country in Europe that, instead of the government supporting workers and businesses, leads thousands of workers to layoffs and salary reductions of up to 50% indefinitely, creating a new generation of unemployed and poor.”

The opposition, as reported by Greek publication, TVXS, notes that while Greece is reducing wages, France is still paying employees 100% wages.

Greece still has not recovered from the 2010 crash, and while its economy is very weak, there is the threat of coronavirus and a continual crises with migrants trying to enter the country. With workers’ grievances, a very poor economy, the real threat of coronavirus and a migrant crises, it appears that this is truly the horrendous atmosphere for the rise of fascism. After Wall Street crashed in 1929, it was not too long before fascism seized power in Germany. We may be seeing a projection towards a political revolution that will lead to nothing good. Last night I did a video on this very subject:

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