US Military Moves To Draft Women

Women for a long time have asked for “equal rights,” but associate it with having comfortable jobs and high-paying salaries with social benefits. Many tend to not associate it with going to war and having to die for one’s country. However, a new recommendation by the government may see women on the front lines of combat as a report by Lifesitenews citing Fox News and Politico says that women may be drafted and forced to register for the draft just as men have to do.

America ever again mandates its citizens into military service, it should draft women to serve alongside men, according to a new report released this week by a military panel.

After undertaking what it calls “extensive deliberations,” the National Commission on Military, National & Public Service recommends that women ages 18 to 26 be required to register for the Selective Service pool alongside men, Fox News reported, as part of a broader effort “to modernize, enhance and improve America’s system to draw on the talents, skills and abilities of all Americans if a national emergency requires lawmakers to do so.”

“Should future circumstances become so dire that a draft is required, it is in the national security interest of the United States to be able to draw on the best talent in the country for military service,” according to the commission’s report. “Roughly doubling the pool from which the nation might obtain conscripts would improve military readiness by raising the quality of those who might serve, as some women would be more qualified to serve than some men.”

Politico reported that the Pentagon has yet to comment on the recommendation. The Hill noted that Congress created the National Commission on Military, National & Public Service in 2016 specifically to examine this question. (source)

There has been a lot of talk about drafts in the last two years from the military. Given that it appears another major war in nearing, probably in a decade, there seems to be preparations being made for it right now, as in how to get people into the service.

The last time the US had a draft was in the Vietnam War, and it went poorly because people were sent to die on the front lines of combat for no real reason other than ensuring the profit of others. It was not about “stopping communism”, but rather what most American wars have been, which is over money for rich people who will not send their families to war but make another do this.

The military has suffered from severe recruiting shortfalls because many American people know that the military is, largely, dishonest and abuses her own soldiers and then gets rid of them and does not want to help them. They have seen the abuse of veterans, the psychological damage that soldiers suffer from, the broken families and dysfunction that comes from all of it, and they do not want to be a part of it. This is why a draft may happen- because they cannot get people fight and are going to try to make people fight.

One of the most decorated veterans in the US Military was Smedley Butler, who said in his book, that War is a Racket. Most wars in history are for no reason other than the greed of a few socialized by the blood and broken bodies and lives of the many. It is a story that is as old as time, but is still relevant, and while war can be necessary at times, it often is not at all.

Be ahead of the social happenings, and oppose any moves toward militarization, no matter what the reason.

Do not fall victim to the propaganda “this evil thing over here” (such as China), for while many nations do evil things, there is often another side to a story that is much larger.

Remember the lessons of history past, for man today is not an exception to them, but bound often by the same rules and even many times similar conditions. We are not special in our essence, but what can make the men of today special is to distinguish themselves by making a better choice to refuse to support the drive for violence no matter what the crowds desire to see happen.

Do you desire peace for yourself? While the saying goes that “if you want peace, prepare for war,” nobody says that starting a war or fomenting the conditions for one is a condition of making said peace, which if so is true then it is not peace, but a temporary cessation of bloodshed with the anticipation of starting it again. This is especially true of wars for profit.

Likewise, one should also be very hesitant to want to see conflict or send somebody else off to conflict. Does it matter if was “served his country” or not? Morality is not established or denied by “patriotism”, and often times patriotism is a useful tool to trick people into committing atrocities and having a justification for immoral behavior while the men who have a financial benefit from the conflict seek to continue or maximize it so they can earn money off of the deaths of other people.

Peace in the fullest sense will only be found in Heaven and when Christ returns. Nobody should expect something other than this, but while one is alive, one must work as best as one can for peace and the good will of fellow men. It will always be a struggle, but one that is worth living and fighting for, and it seldom, if at all, involves starting wars with others for money.

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