Man In New York Stomps Elderly Asian Man On The Head Over And Over Again

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in New York stomped an elderly Asian man on the head over and over again, as we read in RT:

New York City’s wave of apparently unprovoked attacks on people of Asian descent continued in horrific fashion, with an elderly man seen being repeatedly stomped on the head by an unknown assailant in a video released by police.
The video, which was released on Saturday by the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes unit, shows the tail end of the attack, with the 61-year-old man being stomped on the head at least six times as he lays on the ground, helpless and possibly unconscious. At one point, the attacker appears to gather himself, then nearly rises up off the ground as he raises his foot high to deliver an especially powerful fifth stomp.

The incident occurred on Friday night in East Harlem, according to police, who are seeking tips from the public to help identify the assailant. It began as the Asian man was collecting aluminum cans with a shopping cart in front of an apartment building under construction at Third Avenue and East 125th Street. He was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Harlem Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. Police haven’t determined whether the man was targeted because of his ethnicity. The suspect was described as a man wearing a black jacket, black pants, white sneakers and a multi-colored baseball hat.

The majority of the attacks on Asians have been done by Black men. There is an entire ideological movement in the US centered around the narrative that Blacks are being ‘hunted down’ by police officers. But the reality of Blacks attacking Asians at random is not being treated with the same enthusiasm and concern, which really goes to show that the George Floyd is riddled with delusion. But what is the purpose of such delusion? Its to sow discord against the police, and the US has done a good job at exporting this delusion to other countries. Such a cause is only going to stoke up racial tensions and tensions between mob and state.