Archive | April 3, 2021


If True And In Large Number, Then Saudi Arabia May Need To Prepare To Be Kebobed By Her Ottoman Neighbor

Saudi Arabia and the US have a very long alliance, going back to the formation of the Arab-American Oil Company in the early 20th century. The US has provided for the meteoric rise of the House of Saud, the development of the nation, and the life of luxury enjoyed by the family as well as […]

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Remains Of Christian Missionary Captured By Islamic Terrorists Found In Mali

The remains of a Christian missionary who was captured by Islamic terrorists in 2016 and disappeared in Mali have been found according to a report from the Christian Post. The body of Beatrice Stockli, an evangelical missionary from Switzerland who was held captive by Islamist extremists in Mali since January 2016, has been found and […]

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US Military Builds Up Air Force Presence In Alaska

A few days ago, I wrote a long piece about Russian military activity in the Arctic, for while many people think of “global warming” as a natural phenomenon, there is not only evidence to suggests that it is real, but that it is actively being encouraged for geopolitical reasons by the Russians in order to […]

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