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Muslim Man Enters Police Station And Stabs Female Officer Several Times. He Stabs Another Officer And Then Kidnaps A Woman. He Opens Fire On Police Officers Who Then Open Fire And Kill Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in France entered a police station where he stabbed a female officer several times before he attacked another officer. He fled into an apartment complex where he kidnapped a woman and held her captive for two hours and thirty minutes. He eventually fired on officers who opened fire on […]

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The Bizarre World Of Monasteries

By Theodore Shoebat A very rare occurrence has taken place in the Catholic world: a nun has been disbanded from her order, an act that only takes place about ten times a year. This happened to Mother Marie Ferréol who was thrown out of the Dominicans of the Holy Spirit (dominicaines du Saint-Esprit) in France. […]

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Woman In Tennessee Runs Her Car Through A Vaccine Center As A Protest Against The Covid Vaccine

A Woman in Tennessee ran her car through a vaccine center as a protest against the covid vaccine, as we read in Fox News: A Tennessee woman is facing charges after she sped through a COVID-19 vaccine drive Monday, according to reports. Virginia Christine Lewis Brown drove her SUV through a closed course where a tent with “at least 15 people” in the Foothills […]

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The Biden Administration Reveals: US Intelligence Suspects That Covid Came From A Lab

The Biden administration just recently revealed that an element within the intelligence community suspects that covid came from a lab, and that an ongoing investigation has been taking place to see if came by human contact or by a leak from a lab. As we read in Fox News: An administration official told Fox News […]

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Samuel Cassidy, the shooter who murdered eight people in San Jose, was also an accused rapist

San Jose Shooter Samuel Cassidy Confirmed To Be Accused Rapist

The San Jose shooter who murdered eight people, Samuel Cassidy, was also an accused rapist who said by his former girlfriend to be a violent, bipolar man who would force himself on her, as we read in the San Fransisco Chronicle: The Valley Transportation Authority employee suspected of fatally shooting eight coworkers Wednesday morning before turning the […]

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Texas Senate Approves Bill That Would Ban Abortion And Fine Abortion Clinics At Least $100,000, But Only If The Supreme Court “Wholly Or Partly” Overturns Roe V. Wade.

The Texas senate just approved of a bill that would ban abortion even fine abortion clinics at least $100,000. But, this bill would only take effect if the Supreme Court “wholly or partly” overturns Roe v. Wade (which is highly unlikely, but I still have hope that it comes to pass), as we read on […]

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STAVROPOL TERRITORY, RUSSIA Ц MAY 25, 2021: On May 25, 2021, FSB announced that Russian Federal Security Service officers have detained a supporter of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia) who was plotting a terrorist attack in Norilsk during a Victory Day parade. Best quality available. Video screen grab/Russian Federal Security Service/TASS

–осси€. —тавропольский край. —отрудники ‘—Ѕ –оссии во врем€ задержани€ сторонника запрещенной в –‘ террористической организации "»сламское государство", готовившего теракт в Ќорильске во врем€ парада ѕобеды. ћаксимально возможное качество. —нимок с видео/÷ќ— ‘—Ѕ –‘/“ј——

‘ќ“ќ ѕ–≈ƒќ—“ј¬Ћ≈Ќќ “–≈“№≈… —“ќ–ќЌќ… » –ј—ѕ–ќ—“–јЌя≈“—я “ј—— Ѕ≈« ¬Ќ≈—≈Ќ»я »«ћ≈Ќ≈Ќ»…. “ќЋ№ ќ ƒЋя –≈ƒј ÷»ќЌЌќ√ќ »—ѕќЋ№«ќ¬јЌ»я.

The Government Of Russia Arrests Islamic Terrorist Who Was Planning On Murdering Russians In Parade

  The Russian government recently arrested an Islamic terrorist for planning on murdering people in a parade, as we read in a report from pIndia: The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia released a statement on Tuesday informing that it had thwarted a terrorist attack in the Krasnoyarsk Region after it arrested an ISIS terrorist on […]

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UN Report: 30% Of ISIS Fighters Put On Trial Have Been Sentenced To Death

An interesting article was published by The National News, talking about recent trials for ISIS fighters in Iraq. The United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (Unami) has observed over six hundred of these trials and reported that 30% of them ended in the death penalty, as we read in the article: Representatives from the UN Assistance […]

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george floyd cult

Black Republican Speaks: We Focus More On George Floyd Than Jesus Christ

By Theodore Shoebat Former Georgia state representative, Vernon Jones, who is currently a candidate in the GOP primary for Georgia’s 2022 gubernatorial election, made the observation that people focus more on George Floyd than Jesus Christ, essentially implying that society has made a cult around the man who died in police custody. He stated: “I […]

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“Attempted Lynching.” Israeli Prosectors Charge Three Activists Who Said They Wanted “To Fight With Arabs… We Will Beat Them; If Necessary, We Will Kill Them.”

By Theodore Shoebat Israeli prosecutors have charged three people for “attempted lynching”. These three people wanted “to fight with Arabs,” declaring “we will beat them; if necessary, we will kill them.” According to RT: Two Jewish men and an unnamed minor were indicted on charges of attempted murder and terrorism Monday over a brutal attack that landed […]

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Head Of WHO Warns: Something Worse Than Covid Coming

By Theodore Shoebat The head of the World Health Organization (WHO),  Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has just warned that a virus worse than covid is coming soon, as we read from RT: A virus even more transmissible and fatal than Covid-19 will lead the world into the next pandemic, the director-general of the World Health Organization […]

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LEBANON - SEPTEMBER 21:  The massacre of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatilah in Beirut, Lebanon on September 21, 1982 - Surviving families returned to the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila near Beirut to assess the extent of the massacre of 300 to 1500 Palestinians by Christian militiamen . The killong took place while the Israeli army was stationed around the Palestinian refugee camps.  (Photo by Alain MINGAM/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The Demons Of Lebanon’s Civil War Are Returning As Lebanese Right-wing Rage Against Syrian Refugees

Lebanon is a country filled with strife, and there are no sides that are good, with neighbors hating one another, and with factions covering their own intentions with the face of justice. Rebellion is masqueraded as justice, and the true nightmare is exposed only after everyone is sold to the facade of righteous indignation. Neighbor […]

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