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Random Migrant Kid Found Wandering At The US Border Is The Real Face Of Political Bickering

While the world watches crises in Europe and Africa, on the southern border of the US, the current migration crisis under the Biden administration continues to unfold, as The Right Scoop reports that per ABC News, a migrant child was found by a border patrol agent alone and wandering, having no parents he came with […]

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Prosecution Against Maxwell Releases Three MILLION Documents As Evidence

The Epstein case is a very serious one because Epstein ties major power players of all political parties, major businessmen, and other influential or powerful people to what appears to be a sexual abuse-human trafficking-blackmailing ring sort of setup on behalf of major intelligence agencies. Now as Epstein’s literal partner in committing crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, […]

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Reminder- Tigray Is Still There, And It Isn’t Going Away

The conflict taking place in Tigray right now is very serious, and as I have warned it could turn into another Bosnia-1994 type situation, but under a Biden presidency, and with a very active NATO presence, much more than what happened with the US in Afghanistan. While the world watches the show with the US […]

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US And Japan Sign Pledge For New Silk Road Construction

Years ago, wrote a series of articles about how the US was working with NATO partners, Japan, and India to construct an alternative to the Sino-Russian “Belt and Road Initiative”. Both projects, regardless of how one wants to look at them, are an attempt to build a new “Silk Road” connecting east and west […]

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US Economy Sees More Record-Breaking Growth…Because Of Stimulus Checks

Can you print your way to prosperity? Apparently, the government says it is possible after CNN reports record-breaking economic growth due to the issuing of COVID checks. President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package will boost the US economy and drive faster global growth this year, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday, though it warned […]

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