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Federal Judge Overturns Trump Campaign NDA

The “non-disclosure agreement” has become a notorious tool by corporations for using the legal system to silence their workers from engaging in whistleblowing and anti-corruption probes. There is a place for such an agreement, but too often they are just blank checks for rampant abuse with a legal covering. Former President Trump is no exception […]

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Will ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Come Back, But This Time Be ‘Cash For Firearms’?

From the moment Biden won the presidency and the Democrats officially took both House and Senate, they have been working diligently to impose their will. To their credit, this is because they actually believe in what they say, which for good or for ill, is more principled than the Republicans, who talk one line but […]

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Episcopalian Bishop Leaves Church After Being Punished For Refusing To Bend Over For Sodom

America still claims many Christians, but a majority of them support sodom, and as a result, those who follow Biblical teachings from Sacred Scripture and Tradition are finding themselves in a hard position as the majority culture an even their own members of religious groups are turning against them. The Episcopal Church, which is essentially […]

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Who’s Really Behind The Funding Of “Ordo Blasfemia” In Poland?

Poland is known for her long Catholic history, but in the past two decades, this has come under a vicious attack. While in most of the last century it was from Communism and the USSR, now a possibly eve worse threat she is facing following the crumbling of the Berlin Wall as rampant secularism and […]

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Even People On The Right Are Asking What Trump Did With The Monies He Received

There are a lot of people who, when Trump was in office, absolutely defended his actions regardless of what they were. However, there were a lot of questions, especially about Trump’s heavy personal debts, and given that situation, how he was going to be able to pay for them. I pointed out before that there […]

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Man Attacks, Kidnaps, Sodomizes, And Shoots Random 12-Year-Old Boy In The Face In Public

A general increase in crime is a trend that we have noted is going to happen because of the continuing breakdown of society owing to the social, political, and economic problems. Some of this is going to be horrible, yet not unexpected. According to a story out of Florida, a man attacked, kidnapped, sodomized, and […]

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Legislation Fails After Noem Veto

The state of South Dakota has failed to override a bill vetoed by the “Christian” governor Kristi Noem, who said she was against the LGBT but when it came time to put her words into action, sided with the LGBT. The South Dakota Legislature Monday failed to override Gov. Kristi Noem’s veto of House Bill […]

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Observations On The Current “Satan Shoes” Controversy

Right now, the Christian world is very upset about rapper Lil Nas X’s “satan shoes”, which a few days ago here at I wrote about. Apparently, reports say that the shoes sold out in a minute of their offering from the website. With this happening, now American ‘Christian leaders” are speaking about it. However, […]

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The Millennial Curse Awakens

“Boomers are awful”, goes some variant of the complaints about Boomers in society. Many of the complaints about the Boomers are, sadly, also very accurate too. A generation given the world, they actively destroyed it with policies that are bearing their fruits today, for while many seemed to be well-meaning, the unforeseen consequences were realized […]

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Here It Goes- Watch The Fighting The US Church Intensify

There has been a silent war waged in churches all across the US, with the Catholic Church seeing the hardest front, and that is the power of the LGBT. has discussed this often, but it is an extremely serious matter, considering that the practices of sodom and Christianity cannot fundamentally co-exist no matter what […]

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Report: Religious Attendance In US Drops Below 50% For First Time

There has been talk for years about the decline of religion in the US, with all being affected but Christianity the strongest due to her generally large presence, and the rise of secularism of sorts in its place. There has been a lot of discussion about the decline of the Catholic Church in the US, […]

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Report: Colorado Muslim Gunman Laughed As He Carried Out The Shooting

More details continue to emerge about the Colorado Muslim shooter. According to a recent story, there are multiple reports saying that he was openly laughing as he mowed down random people at the King Soopers grocery store. “He hung up on me,” Semele Plentywolf recalled. “I kept trying to call him and text him. There […]

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Fourteen Injured At Catholic Church After Islamic Terrorist Blows Himself Up During Palm Sunday Mass

Fourteen people were injured after a Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up at Palm Sunday mass at a Catholic cathedral in Indonesia according to reports: A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island during a Palm Sunday Mass, wounding at least 14 people, police said. A cellular […]

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What Did I Tell You? Now Congress Is Talking About A Fourth Stimulus Payment

As the third round of stimulus checks is going out and has not even finished, at least sixty Democrat representatives are talking about a fourth round of stimulus payments. any Americans have been wondering whether there will be a fourth round of stimulus checks, as the federal government continues to distribute the $1,400 provided in […]

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New “Translation” Of Dante’s Inferno Removes Mention Of Mohammed, Keeps Popes In Hell

One of the interesting trends that is developing is the emergence of a new censorship where things are being edited out so that, in a sense, history is being rewritten electronically. This is very concerning, as there is so much that could possibly be lost, and where digitization was once a great blessing, it might […]

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