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france in mali

When The French Leave Mali, Africa Will Be Another Afghanistan

By Theodore Shoebat The American military and its allies were the only thing keeping Afghanistan together. As soon as the military presence left, so did the peace. The same type of disorder is about to erupt in West Africa. The only thing keeping Mali together is the French military, and France is about to reduce […]

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The Kabul Airport Attack Gives The Perfect Opportunity For Turkey To Expand In Afghanistan

The Kabul airport attack leaves a perfect opportunity to solidify the NATO plan to give Turkey the green light to have a military presence in airport, and thus enabling Turkey to continue its agenda of expanding its presence projecting its presence in the Islamic world:

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Taliban fighters

Why The Afghan Military Surrendered So Quickly: Afghan Government Officials Made A Deal With The Taliban That Ensured That Afghan Soldiers Would Surrender Immediately. Plus, Taliban Soldiers Paid Afghan Soldiers To Lay Down Their Arms

Why did the Afghan military surrender so quickly? Its because the Afghan society itself is horribly decayed from within. A lack of honor and loyalty is severe to the point that it is like a disease that has rotted the body politic. A year before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there was a series of […]

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afghan refugees

100,000 Afghan Migrants Could Be Heading To The United States

Chris George, the executive director of IRIS, a refugee assistance nonprofit in New Haven, Connecticut, recently told the Denver Channel that as many as 100,000 Afghan refugees could enter the United States over the next several months. Afghan refugees coming into the US is sparking a Right-wing reaction reminiscent to the type of rhetoric that we […]

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VIDEO: Taliban Beheads Young Boy While His Screaming Mother, Who Pleads For His Life, Is Viciously Being Beaten By The Taliban

By the Shoebats The demonic saga of the unraveling situation in Afghanistan reveals a horrid life. A young boy is being beheaded as his mother is pleading for her life. She is being beaten as her son’s throat is being cut. As the boy breathes his last breaths, the mother lies on the ground next […]

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Taliban Thugs Go To Woman’s House And Order Her To Cook For Fifteen Taliban Fighters. She Refuses And They Beat Her To Death

Taliban thug went to a woman’s home and demanded that she cook for 15 of their fighters, and when she refused they beat her to death, as we read in CNN: Najia was at home with her three young sons and daughter in a small village in northern Afghanistan when Taliban fighters knocked on their […]

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kabul executions

Taliban Terrorists Are Going Door To Door, Taking People Out Of Their Homes And Executing Them

More information is coming out of Afghanistan, revealing the horrors that we all are occurring. A video was just recently released from Radio Free Europe, presenting a report from an Afghan journalist on how Taliban terrorists are going door to door executing people:

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