Over 20,0000 People In The Netherlands Take To The Streets To Protest Against Covid Restrictions

Over 20,000 people in the Netherlands took to the streets recently to protest against covid restrictions, as we read in Metro News:

Thousands of demonstrators will march in The Hague against the corona policy on Sunday afternoon. To cute, about 20,000 to 25,000 people walk along in the parade, which started on the Malieveld.

The demonstrators believe that the government is taking disproportionate measures around Covid-19 and want to make their voices heard in this way.

Due to the large number of participants, the tour is slower than anticipated. The tour is accompanied by dozens of agents, both on foot and in vans. The atmosphere is friendly. Occasionally, heavy fireworks can be heard. Many people carry signs, banners or flags with texts against the corona policy or the Rutte cabinet. There are also slogans such as “love, freedom, no dictatorship.” The tour must end at the Malieveld around 4 p.m.

The demonstration was organized by Samen voor Nederland, and is said to be a collaboration of dozens of organizations. One of the initiators is Michel Reijinga, who previously organized demonstrations against the corona policy. Forum for Democracy is also present during today’s demonstration. FvD leader Thierry Baudet gave a speech on the Malieveld. In it he talks about the current cabinet, which he calls ‘liars’. “Show the whole of the Netherlands that we are here. Free people who love each other. Who propagate a message of freedom, of love and democracy”, says Baudet.

Since Thierry Baudet was in this large demonstration, I would like to take this opportunity to repost an article we wrote back in 2019, when Baudet’s Forum for Democracy party dominated provincial elections…

What is occurring in Europe is a surge in political fanaticism, be it from the Left or the Right, with the rise of socialism, racialism, Darwinist thought and anti-Christian aspirations. We are currently witnessing the development of an ideological leviathan which will, once spawned and matured, have its jaws locked open and ready to engulf humanity in a conflagration of destruction, consisting of conspiring ideologues working to manifest their dreams into reality. They will have ideas of hysteria, and yet they will be perceived as objective; they will be possessed by the spirits of chaos, and yet they will be praised as orderly; they will have schemes absent of peace, and yet they will be esteemed as calm and controlled. They will usher in a frankenstein: an amalgamation of collectivism, socialism, corporatism and statism, and this monster’s skin will be made up of enough glorification of violence to satisfy the sanguinary; all the while it will have just enough of the veil of traditionalism, embellishing the creature with the glimmering shade of virtue that will tickle the ears of the pharisees’ audience who will cheer as they storm the earth with the hopes of crucifying Christ again. 

A particular party of the ideologies of eugenics and paganism has arisen in political leverage in the Netherlands. This is the Forum for Democracy

The leader of the Forum For Democracy is Thierry Baudet, a Dutch fanatic who follows activists like American eugenist Jared Taylor, the sodomite Counterjihadist Douglas Murray, the sodomite supremacist and attention seeker, Milo Yiannopoulos, and a number of other nefarious scoundrels. Baudet truly is a spawn of the Counterjihad movement that established itself in the year 2007 through the Counterjihad Brussels Summit in the EU parliament building.

Baudet was also very active in working to create a Right-wing network in Paris. In 2009, he met with Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the Front National. In 2012, Baudet met with Le Pen a second time. Le Pen was a strategic ally for Baudet’s enterprise, being the founder of Euronat, a confederacy of Right-wing European parties. Le Pen was not only coordinating with Western European nationalist parties, but Ukrainian neo-Nazis as well. In May of 2001, Le Pen made a trip to Ukraine to meet with the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), a neo-Nazi party, known today as Svoboda, which also has ties to the Nazi paramilitary organization, Azov Battalion. Le Pen visited the SNPU to partake in their 4th convention. Le Pen’s Euronat network also consisted of the Sweden Democrats, which was founded by ex-member of the Waffen SS, Ulf Ranshede, and the Nazi Leif Zeilon, in 1988. The Euronat network also had as one of its members the Vlaams Blok (which changed its name to Vlaams Belang in 2004), which is ran by the neo-Nazi Filip DeWinter who hailed Flemish Nazi collaborator Staf De Clercq as the predecessor for his movement, and who allied with Nazi Bert Eriksson in a demonstration to praise the German Wehrmacht.

DeWinter was also the one who organized the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels in the EU parliament which had known activists like Pamela Geller, Baron Bodissey and Robert Spencer. Political agitators and conspirers need a threat by which to rile up the masses. Islamic terrorism makes for perfect material to do just this. Hence, the Counterjihad movement which has been using the threat of Islamic violence to stoke nationalist and tribalist sentiment and to promote paganism and eugenics (see here and here).

Years before immigration became the major issue that it is in today’s Europe, nationalist organizers knew that a large presence of immigrants would become an intense topic of political discourse. Years prior to the 2015 migrant crises, Jean-Marie Le Pen knew that immigration and national identity would be major political fixations. According to the Dutch historian Kleis Jager, Le Pen “foresaw that the nation and identity would become major political issues.” They knew what was coming, and so in 2007 Filip DeWinter and his American ally in the CIA front think-tank, the Center for Security Policy, took advantage of the propaganda potential in immigration from Islamic countries in order to spark a nationalist rush, and organized the Counterjihad Summit.   

DeWinter’s effective political activism attracted the attention of Baudet who in fact tried to get DwWinter invited to the Netherlands to receive campaign assistance from a political marketing company called the BKB Academy (who Baudet worked for) which rejected the idea.

Baudet’s party, Forum for Democracy, was originally founded in 2015 as a think-tank which eventually became a political party just six months before the 2017 national election in which it took 1.8% of the vote, giving the new party 2 seats. Ten months later, Forum for Democracy grew in numbers, gaining 20,000 dues-paying members and a quickly growing youth wing.

Baudet is a reader of racialist literature. For example in a snapshot that was taken from a documentary on Baudet in which Dutch TV visited his home, you can see in Baudet’s library a book, by German eugenist Volkmar Weiss, entitled, Die Intelligenz und ihre Feinde (Intelligence and Its enemies).

Now one can make the argument that you can’t prove anything just by the fact that someone owns a nefarious book. But circumstance must be taken into account. If someone is known for exposing things like eugenics and racism, and you find this book in their library, it is then obvious that he is using the book for his own research. But, if someone is known as a nationalist ideologue or political activist or agent, and he or his organization is known to support racial homogeneity, and you see this book, then you can make the conclusion that the book is significant for his own ideology.

The book was praised by the Austrian Identitarian magazine, Cezession, and they did an article explaining and backing the book’s eugenist ideology. The article’s author, Andreas Vonderach, echoes what eugenists have been complaining about since Darwin, that: “For more than six generations the smarter more educated and economically successful people had significantly fewer children than those of the lower strata of the population.” He then writes: “Weiss takes note that in Western societies generations choose selection against intelligence that is, the genetic basis for good talent is becoming rarer and rarer.” Eugenist ideology is seen in the party itself. There was the recent case of Yernaz Ramautarsing. A member of the Forum for Democracy and an initial top candidate in the City Council elections in Amsterdam, this man of Surinamese descent, influenced by the eugenist Sefan Molyneux, said that blacks have low IQs and that intelligence is inherited through genes. He once said:

“There are just differences between certain population groups in IQ. That must also count. Syrians have an average IQ of 84. That is a lot lower than the Netherlands with 105. Something like that also translates to averages in success. …”A part is genetic, and a part we don’t know”.

On March of 2016 Ramautarsing posted on his Facebook page a video of Molyneux’s about race and IQ differences and captioned the video as “Epic Stefan Molyneux speech”. In a 2016 interview Ramautarsing called his own people, the Surinamese, low IQ:

“Through IQ testing we know the average IQ of populations. And guess what? There is a difference in IQ between peoples. That is scientifically proven … That doesn’t please me, rather it pains me. I would also have liked it to be different, that black people were hyper-intelligent, that Surinamese had the highest average IQ in the world. But it’s not like that.”

While classifying Blacks and East Indians as inherently stupid, Ramaurtarsing upholds homosexual supremacist eugenist ideas, stating that “gays have relatively higher IQs and at the moment that they do not procreate the whole society becomes dumber. No hate just facts”. So according to Ramaurtarsing, homosexuals need to have children in order to perpetuate their genetically inherited intelligence. This view was promoted by Milo Yiannopoulos who said that sodomites “test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts.”   

Another member of Forum for Democracy is MP Theo Hiddema who said that it has “long been proven” that there is a relationship between “IQ and race”. ‘That is science,’ Hiddema added.

Thierry’s party, Forum for Democracy, wants to expand already existing government law on euthanasia to allow the elderly to commit suicide without government interference. As we read from the official website of Forum for Democracy:

“In view of the higher life expectancy, the increasing loneliness of the elderly and the problems of long-term sick people, the elderly who consider their life to be complete should be entitled to help in ending their lives with dignity. In addition to the already existing euthanasia legislation, elderly people without government interference can dispose of their own lives.”

These people are of the demonic spirit of the wicked who says:

Let us oppress the righteous poor man;
let us not spare the widow
or regard the gray hairs of the aged. (Wisdom 2:10)

Seeing the eugenist and sanguinary roots of the party, it is not really surprising to read the Dutch media report about how Thierry Baudet had a five hour or so meeting with American Darwinist Jared Taylor, who wants to see the establishment of eugenist policy for the betterment of White Americans (he once said “I think there are positive eugenic steps that could be taken, embryo selection is one”). On October 14th of 2017, Jared Taylor spoke at the Best Western Rotterdam Airport Hotel to an audience of several hundred people. Two days before this event, Taylor went to the Ambassade Hotel where he was with Baudet in the Library Lounge.

It is reported that Baudet was with Taylor in the lounge and that the door closed, thus preventing the press from knowing what was said in the meeting. While we do not know the content of the conversation, we do know quite a bit about the conference that Taylor spoke at in Amsterdam on October 14th, 2017. The event was organized by a pan-Europeanist cult called Erkenbrand (which means “holy sword”). What has been revealed in Dutch media is that there is a link between the Forum for Democracy party and the Erkenbrand cult. In fact, it was the cult that invited Taylor to Amsterdam where he had the meeting with Baudet. Most of the people in the gathering were Dutch, but there were also Italians, Germans, Hungarians, Americans, British, Finns and Greeks present. In the conference a German asked Jared Taylor: “You woke me up on the subject of race … When is the moment that a European politician can speak as freely as you can for the first time?” Taylor replied:

“That is absolutely necessary … We must always adapt our discourse to our audience … But in the end, the fraternity of Europe will have to talk about the biology that underlies our civilization. … I am certain that some of the young people among you will be elected electorally and can name these things as explicitly as we have said here today.”

The Erkenbrand organization is fanatically racialist and anti-Christian, and proselytizes a religion of the Germanic peoples. In one article on their site they have a photo of a man in a meditative pose surrounded by rune symbols:

In the same article it reads: “Christianity and the Enlightenment have darkened our minds.” It then champions occultism as part of true Germanic religion: “Magic, in which you impose your will on a situation, is completely customary and accepted by the Germans. We can worship both the ancestors and the gods by, for example, burning a candle and incense, or bringing out a salvation drink.” Magic is done through the observing of runes or a sort of occult symbolism (similar to the Kabbala): “We can also seek wisdom by consulting the runes. We can try to predict the future, but this is not a simple matter. It seems more valuable to ask the runes for insight into our life situation. By working with the runes you also get an ever deeper insight into the Germanic mystical view of the world.”

This Erkenbrand cult has a neo-pagan and Antichrist aspiration, and they anticipate for a coming “Archaeo-Futurist Revolution”. Erkenbrand’s waiting for this mass revolution is influenced by Jason Reza Jorjani, an Iranian supremacist close to the American alt-Right movement and a former professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Jorjani lost his position as professor after a video leaked out showing Jorjani’s describing a future Europe. In this prediction, Jorjani foresees that by the year 2050, Europe will have concentration camps, will esteem Hitler as a European hero and will be in a massive and bloody war:

But even before Jorjani was fired by the university, he was writing on a future pagan civilization. For example, in 2015 Jorjani wrote a dissertation paper for Stony Brook University in which he spoke about a “true renaissance” for a neo-pagan world:

The burning of Schelling’s hero, Giordano Bruno, was not just one of many instances of Catholic persecutions of Renaissance occultists. Bruno, who had the political backing of some of the most powerful principalities of the Renaissance, was on an evangelical mission to supplant Judeo-Christianity with the kind of unification of Science and Religion that Schelling has in mind. It would have led to a true Renaissance, a futuristic neo-pagan civilization.”

In this same essay Jorjani speaks of a war against God and the ushering in of a new world, writing:

“in the gravest battles – such as the revolutionary war against the One True God – even great heroes need each other. If, in “the [Heraclitean] game of existence” it is necessary for us to postulate “a god” only “as a pretext for living hard”, then finite divinities with only a fighting chance are a more suitable sacred ideal. Nothing less is demanded of us than the perseverance of an Atlas, the daring of a Prometheus. Mankind is about to be gifted with a new world – but only if we can bear it, only if we can steal it.”

For Jorjani, God has brought the world to ignorance and thus we should rebel against Him and embrace “technoscience” or the convergence between man and machine in order to build a new world:

“The specters of Technoscience drive us on in rebellion against the One True God, with a will to liberate the Earth from those who are content to be His slaves and who resentfully endeavor to enslave the alpine eagles of the Earth. The temples of our cosmopolitan scientific society ought to be built on the ruins of their benighted world of enforced ignorance and ignoble obedience.”

Jorjani’s utopian vision is one of transhumanism, a cult of artificial intelligence, of man becoming God through scientific advancement and ruling the world under a technological elite. His ideology has become popular for the European New Right in the Netherlands. Within the framework of Jorjani’s presentations is the concept of European identity and geopolitics being based upon the Aryan or the proto-Iranian roots of Europe. A contributor for the Dutch pagan nationalist cult, Erkenbrand, named Alexander Wolfheze, writes on this stating that Jorjani’s work “re-introduces Western thinkers to the historic relevance of the archaic Iranian Tradition for the Western Tradition as a whole … Jorjani rightly considers the re-appropriation of this common Indo-European heritage – ‘Aryan’ in its original etymological sense of as ‘noble’ – as a vital pre-condition for achieving a new and sustainable Western meta-political and geo-political world-view.”

In this ideological worldview, a pagan Europa could make an alliance with a nationalist Iran since both would be a part of an Aryan geopolitical coalition. Wolfheze goes so far as to say that the identitarian surge that they want is dependent on the revolution that Jorjani wants: “The fate of the identitarian movement is intricately bound up with the Archeo-Futurism revolution that is proposed by the Persian philosopher from Manhattan [Jorjani].” Part of this Identitarian revolution is the reclaiming of:

“the term ‘Aryan’ for the archetypal essence of Western identity, as represented in its original etymological meaning: ‘noble’. … From the Archaeo-Futurist as well as the Traditionalist perspective this identity and this heritage are primarily spiritual in nature – they must be earned and conquered. It is up to the Indo-European génération identitaire to claim its rightful inheritance so that the Indo-European people may again inhabit the specialized worlds that are their rightful heritage.” 

Since a huge part of this “heritage” is the land inhabited by Indo-Europeans, what this writer wants to be conquered are the territories of Europe for the establishment of their utopian state. What this cult wants, ultimately, is war.

In his victory speech Baudet declared: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings at nightfall.” The term “owl of Minerva” is one that comes from Greco-Roman paganism and was used to describe wisdom or knowledge. The line from Baudet is directly from the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a favorite amongst Nationalist Socialists and Marxists. When Hegel said these words he was explaining how a philosophy is not fully understood until the society is ready for it. As Hegel wrote:

“Philosophy, as the thought of the world, does not appear until reality has completed its formative process, and made itself ready. History thus corroborates the teaching of the conception that only in the maturity of reality does the ideal appear as counterpart to the real, apprehends the real world in its substance, and shapes it into an intellectual kingdom. When philosophy paints its grey in grey, one form of life has become old, and by means of grey it cannot be rejuvenated, but only known. The owl of Minerva takes its flight only when the shades of night are gathering.”

In other words, it is only until the end of a particular political era or phase that an ideology or political philosophy — once seen as fringe or unrealistic — can then be perceived as realistic and thus accepted by society. It appears that what Baudet was trying to say was that we have reached an end of a particular era — perhaps the post World War Two phase — and are thus approaching the eve of a new era, one of his or close to his political ideology. The “shades of night are gathering”, that is, the sun of center-Left and center-Right politics is being eclipsed by the evening of a new zeitgeist, with “the owl of Minerva” gripping the soul of the nations. Another notable thing in Baudet’s victory speech was his mentioning of the “boreal world”, stating:

“Like all the other countries of our boreal world, we are being destroyed by the people who should protect us. We are being undermined by our universities, our journalists. By the people who receive our art grants and who design our buildings. And especially we are undermined by our directors.”

The term “boreal” denotes “northern” or “north wind” and is a term used by the Nazi French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen (father of Marie le Pen), who said that he stood for “a Boreal Europe,” which he believed spanned from Brittany to Vladivostok. The term “borea” comes from the name of the Greek deity Boreas, who was believed to be the god of the north wind. The term is also within the ideological frame work of the Nazi pagans in which it denotes the ‘Aryan’ roots of the Indo-European people. The use of the term can be traced back to the Nazis one of whom, Heinrich Himmler, believed that the Germanic race came from a mythical northern land called  “Hyperborea.” Jean-Marie Le Pen even once declared that France had to collaborate with Russia “in order to save boreal [northern] Europe and the white world.” This envisage is akin to that of Guillaume Faye, one of the fathers of La Nouvelle Droite (New Right), who promotes the idea of  “Eurosiberia” — a Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis.

The biggest misconception, coming from the masses, about the populist parties is that they are defenders of the people who will overthrow “the elites.” The reality is that these nationalists simply want to become the elites themselves. Baudet admitted this when he said: “Our problem is that those [at the top] are suffering from a kind of spiritual disease…. We have to replace the [current] elite with a new one.”   

The waters of nationalist and tribalist fury are bubbling up in Europe in what will — in the future — be a rolling boil within in a cauldron of scalding geopolitical chaos. We are, at the present moment, witnessing the inchoate stages of the maturation of a European monster that will partake in the devastation of the world in a flood of technological steel and blood. This growing creature will be like a monster that is put together with different flesh from various corpses, containing the flesh of socialism and collectivism (to bind the masses), militarism (to rile the masses to war), the brain of corporatism (since you cannot have empire and war without money), and the soul of Darwinism (to belittle those deemed worthy of extermination to be less than human, and to uplift the murderers as above human) and the spirit of paganism by which to elevate a god of war. The manifestation of this monster is presaged by the various political parties that have been gaining popularity in Europe. They are not the monster, but as minor rays of light break through the clouds of night prior to the full appearance of the sun, so do minor groups and organizations garner popularity years and years prior to the full culmination of the evils of these entities. Even the Antichrist will first appear with a small group: “for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.” (Daniel 11:23) So, if the Antichrist will gain power with small numbers, it should not surprise us if organizations of socialism, paganism and eugenics gain significant power in Europe.