Russia Warns Lithuania Of A “Sharp” Response If It Does Not End Blockade To Kaliningrad

Russia has just warned Lithuania that it will get a sharp response if it does not stop the blocking of goods from entering its borders on transit to Kaliningrad, which is an oblast of Russia, as we read in Kresy:

A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Lithuania and the European Commission had assured Russia that “in the near future” the situation related to the blockade of transit to and from the Kaliningrad Oblast will be resolved. Maria Zakharova warned that Russia “will not wait forever” and has a “sharp” response prepared.

“We are continuing the dialogue with the European Commission and Lithuania. We are assured that the matter should be resolved in the near future, ”wrote Zakharowa.

The spokeswoman warned that if the situation did not “stabilize” in the coming days, Russia would take “harsh” action against Lithuania and the European Union. According to her, preparations for these activities have already been completed. “It takes too long to solve the problem,” she noted.

Zakharova expressed her hope that “the only right decision” would be made in Brussels and Vilnius, which would allow uninterrupted transit to the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The spokeswoman noted that Russian entrepreneurs are already suffering losses due to “illegal restrictions introduced unilaterally by Lithuanians,” as EU sanctions called. “We will not wait forever,” warned Zakharova.