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eco cows

Environmentalist Fanatics Want To Get Rid Of All Cow Farms And Force Us Into A Hell On Earth By Creating Food Shortages

Underneath the entire ideology of environmentalism is Malthusianism, that is, the idea that there are too many people on this earth and not enough food to feed everyone. The environmentalists today will say that there are too many people on earth and thus food production must increase, and this abundance of food — especially meat […]

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kosovo fire

The Government Of Kosovo Introduces Law That Forces Serbs To Get A New License Plate And ID. Protests Erupt And The Government Just Canceled The Law

Protests against an incoming law in Kosovo ended up with gunfire. The law would have forced Kosovo Serbs coming back to Kosovo from a visit to Serbia to get a new license plate and ID. According to EUObserver: As with last year, Sunday’s violence broke out after [Kosovo prime minister] Kurti said Kosovar Serbs must […]

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