Archive | July 5, 2022

turkish tf x fighter

Turkey is creating its own F-35 and becoming more independent of American power

As Turkey grows stronger as a regional superpower — and expands its influence over Central Asian countries — the country is also becoming more and more independent in regards to military technology. Evidence of this is the Turkish T-FX, a Turkish attempt at making their own F-35:

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buried alive

Nazis In Ukraine Kidnap Young Girl And A Man. They Execute The Man By Shooting Him To Death, And Bury The Girl Alive

Another story of atrocity in Ukraine, this time a woman being buried alive, and a man being executed. As we read in SM News: A resident of the village of Raygorodok, Novayadarsky district, spoke about the crimes of the Aidar battalion. According to him, one night the Nazis came to his house, put a bag […]

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