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Belarusian Forces Move Towards Lithuanian Border

Belarusian forces have moved toward the Lithuanian border, as we read in Kresy: According to a group monitoring the movements of the Belarusian army, soldiers of the 358th independent mechanized battalion of the 120th brigade went towards Lithuania. On the night of February 21 in Belarus, 4 columns with military equipment set off towards the […]

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Ilya Samoilenko, Azov fighter

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Speaks At The United Nations

A fighter for the Ukrainian neo-nazi unit, Azov, spoke at the UN recently, as we read in New Day News: On Wednesday, February 22, the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN invited Ilya Samoilenko, a militant from the Ukrainian Nazi military unit “Azov”, who was blocked in the spring of 2022 at the Azovstal […]

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President Of Serbia Announces: “Our Military Must Be Much, Much Stronger … It’s Important For Serbia’s Survival, We Need Strong Deterrents.”

The president of Serbia, Alexander Vucic, announced that his country’s military must be much stronger. As we read in Bloomberg: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic vowed to increase defense spending to upgrade the military, including through the possible purchase of French warplanes and providing “competitive” wages for elite units. The Balkan nation may spend an additional […]

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Poland Declares That It Will Build “The Largest Land Force In Europe”. But Germany Wants To Become The Leading Defender Of Europe. Will Poland And Germany Clash?

Poland just recently declared that it will have “the largest land force in Europe” as we read in the Washington Post: At Poland’s Rzeszow airport, where President Biden’s plane touched down this week on his way to Kyiv, U.S.-made Patriot missile batteries point toward the skies. The first American M1A2 Abrams battle tanks are expected […]

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