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Japanese Report: No Longer Will Japan’s Military Be Dependent On The United States

A recent report published by the Japan Times has stated that now under Kishida’s government the days of Japan’s military being dependent on the US are over: Taken together, Abe’s policies marked a historic shift in Japan’s defense policy and regional standing. No longer would Japanese security be a matter of wishful thinking, willful blindness […]

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US Military Admits That Its Going To Be Very Difficult To Drive The Russian Military Out Of Ukraine

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley recently stated that it would be extremely difficult to completely drive out the Russian military from Ukraine. He added that believes that eventually both parties will be brought to the negotiating table. So much for helping Ukraine to win this war. As we read in the Japan […]

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Ancient Gaul And Julius Caesar’s War Against A Rising German Reich

There is a great distance that we put between antiquity and now. We imagine the ancients looking like the actors in movies like Troy and 300. But reading Julius Caesar’s account of his conquest of Gaul, one sees parallels with the modern world. In antiquity, there were oligarchs, just like today, and there was also […]

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Russia’s War On Ukraine, NATO’s Provocation And Julius Caesar’s Invasion Of Gaul

In this video I talk about how the United States knew that Russia was going to invade Ukraine due to NATO provocation. I also make a comparison between Russia’s reasoning to invade Ukraine and Julius Caesar’s reasoning to invade Gaul:

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The United States Will Not Go To War To Defend Japan

The rise of Japan is inevitable, because as the US walks back from its position as the world’s police force, the Japanese will take it upon themselves to go beyond its alliance with the US. There is a common belief that if a country attacked Japan that the US will enter a war to defend […]

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100,000 People In Israel Take To The Streets To Protest The Government As Voices In Israel War Of A Possible Civil War

100,000 people in Israel did a major protest against the government, as we read in the Guardian: An estimated 100,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night in what protesters described as a “fight for Israel’s destiny” over sweeping judicial changes proposed by the new far-right government. Israel’s longtime prime minister, […]

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Russian Orthodox Hockey Player Refuses To Put On LGBT Flag. While LGBT Supporters Are Enraged About This, His Jersey Is Now Sold Out

A Russian Orthodox hockey player, Ivan Provorov, refused to partake in a “pride” charity event and put on an LGBT jersey. While his team allowed him to exercise his conscience, supporters of Sodom were enraged by this, telling him to go back to where he came from and urging his team to be sued for […]

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