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Life is Depressing

Reading about Ottoman history, I ran into the story of the Batak massacre in which thousands of Christians were beheaded, or impaled or burned alive in the Bulgarian town of Batak by Muslim Bulgarians (Pomaks) recruited by the Ottoman Empire. In reading of this horror, I think about all of the horrors that I’ve heard […]

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Turkey’s Elections: Nationalists VS Islamists. There Are No Good Sides

In this video I talk about how in the political divide within Turkey — between Islamists and nationalists — there are no good sides: THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE AND EUGENICS  Ernst Haeckel was deeply influenced by the German religious teacher, Friedrich Daniel Schleiermacher. In 1799 book, On Religion, Schleiermacher taught that true religion was forged deeply into […]

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The World Is Heading Towards Chaos And War

Life can be a very sad experience and full of tragedy: I still remember the days when imperial Japan and the Third Reich were still fresh memories, talked about frequently. Today, in the abandonment of such memories, we are returning to the past, in the sense that these countries are reviving from the ashes of […]

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