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THE LGBT IS RAGING: Homosexual Activists Try To Force Christian Business To Serve Gay Weddings. She Refuses And The Supreme Court Sides With The Christian And Not The Gays

A victory for Christians in America was made today thanks to the Supreme Court (and really, thanks to Trump for appointing the judges to make a conservative majority). Homosexuals wanted a Christian woman web designer to make websites for gay weddings. The Supreme Court, thankfully, sided with the Christian, as we read in CNN: The Supreme […]

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The Government Of China Cracks Down On The LGBT Movement, Arrests Gay Organizers And Outlaws Pride Rallies

For decades we have been hearing about how China is “communist,” yet they are more conservative than we are, cracking down on the LGBT cult and arresting gay activists and banning “pride” rallies, as we read in BBC: While celebrations were held around the world for Pride month, there were no major LGBT events in […]

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The Tides Are Turning Against The LGBT Agenda

The acolytes of Sodom make ready for war; they surround the sanctuaries, thirsty to burn down the icons of God; their flags are raised embellished with the colors of heaven’s bow, to mock the promise made to man that never again would the earth be destroyed by a flood. Against Sodom rises the nations who […]

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The Ugandan Government Officially Outlaws Homosexuality And Gay Marriage

The Ugandan government has officially outlawed homosexuality and gay marriage, as we read in CNN: In between leading Sunday services at All Saints’ Cathedral in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, Rev. Canon John Awodi declares vehemently that “homosexuality is a sin that must be repented of,” adding that it is against the “order of God.” “Homosexuality […]

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As Peace Talks Between Armenia And Azerbaijan Transpire, Azeri Troops Slaughter Armenian Soldiers

This is why these “peace talks” will not amount to anything; the hatred is too deep. As we read in Politico: Four Armenian servicemen were killed after Azerbaijan carried out strikes along the tense contact line in Nagorno-Karabakh in the early hours of Wednesday morning, officials in the breakaway region have said. In a statement, […]

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NATO Warns: ‘Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Russia.’

NATO has warned not to underestimate the power of Russia, which is a far cry from the typical internet rhetoric that talks about how weak Russia is. As we read in NATO’s chief said Tuesday that the power of Russia’s military shouldn’t be underestimated following the weekend mutiny against it by Wagner Group mercenaries, […]

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In Just Three Weeks, Islamic Terrorists Butcher 150 Christians

In Plateau State, Nigeria, Islamic terrorists butchered 150 Christians in just three weeks of June, as we read in Christian Headlines: Fulani terrorists in Plateau state, Nigeria killed more than 150 Christians in the first three weeks of June, including a church pastor, sources said. The killing of the Rev. Nichodemus Kim of the Church […]

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The Putin Prigozhin Rift Makes The Media’s Anti-Russia Argument Fall Apart

Ever since the war began in 2022, anytime someone brought up Ukraine’s nazi/Banderite problem, there would aways be those who would argue that Russia also has a nazi problem because there is PMC Wagner which is led by a Russian neo-nazi named Dimitry Utkin. Well, the rift between PMC and Putin makes this argument fall […]

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Wagner Mercenary Group Declares: ‘We Will Go To The End To Stop Russia’s Leadership.’

Wagner is turning against Russia. As we read in CNN: The simmering conflict between Moscow’s military leadership and Yevgeny Prigozhin, the bombastic chief of private mercenary group Wagner, has exploded into an open insurrection that plunges Russia into renewed uncertainty and the very real threat of civil war. Prigozhin unleashed a new tirade against the Russian […]

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Christian Business In Texas Declares: ‘If Any Of Our Employees Engage In Homosexuality, They Will Be Fired.’ Homosexuals Get Angry And The Court Sides With The Christian Business

A Christian business made a rule that if any of its employees partake in homosexuality they will be fired. While this angered homosexuals, the court sided with the Christian business. As we read in Reuters: A Christian-owned wellness center is exempt from the federal law prohibiting employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation […]

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The LGBT Movement Is Angry At Kenya For Wanting To Enact Capital Punishment On Pedophiles

In Kenya, if a homosexual man sodomizes a minor, he is to be given the death penalty, according to a new bill that has yet to be passed. Disturbingly, for a state to enact the death penalty on pedophiles is now considered “draconian” by the mainstream media. According to Reuters: Weeks after Uganda enacted one […]

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Major Polish General Warns: The Ukrainians Have Made Themselves Open Targets

A major Polish general, Waldemar Skshipczak, has warned that the Ukrainians have made themselves open targets, as we read in News Front: The failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the counterattack show their poor preparation, the Wirtualna Polska portal has reported, quoting former Polish Army General Waldemar Skshipczak. “The way the Ukrainians are trying […]

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Former American Intelligence Officer Predicts: ‘The Fighting In Ukraine Will Stop By Late Summer Or Early Autumn.’

A former US intelligence officer has predicted that fighting in Ukraine will stop on late summer or early autumn, as we read in RIA: The main phase of hostilities in Ukraine will end by autumn, retired American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said on the air of the US Tour of Duty YouTube channel . According […]

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