Muslims Take 112 Women And Order Them To Run. As The Women Are Fleeing, The Muslims Do Target Practice And Shoot All The Women. Half Of The Women Are Pregnant

Muslim fighters in Sudan, members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), did a horrific massacre of the non-Arab people of El Geneina. Hundreds upon hundreds of people were massacred. In one instance, the RSF did target practice on 112 women — half of whom were pregnant — and shot them as they fled, after ordering them to run. CNN interviewed medical staff for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF. French for Doctors Without Borders) who have been working in the Chadian town of Adre where the survivors fled to:

“There were civilians coming in from everywhere, brought in by every means possible,” the MSF’s Dr. Papi Maloba, who was the only surgeon working in Adre on June 15, told CNN.

“There were MSF vehicles dropping patients off … there were Chadian army vehicles bringing in patients. Chadian police bringing in patients … there were carts pulled by men bringing in patients,” he said.

Most of the wounds he treated indicated people were shot while fleeing, Maloba said — gunshot wounds to the back, legs and buttocks. Many of those injured were women and children.

“I remember the first death I recorded,” said Maloba, recounting the afternoon of June 15. “It was a 2-year-old who had been shot several times in the abdomen.”

Between June 15 and 18, 112 women were treated at the MSF hospital for gunshot wounds and injuries from beatings and other assaults. Half of them were pregnant.

El Geneina first became embroiled in the current Sudan conflict in late April. RSF forces and their allies repeatedly shelled the city, according to eyewitnesses and community-based organizations, leading to hundreds of deaths in the first months of the violence.

The fighting intensified in early June, culminating in the execution of West Darfur governor Khamis Abbakar on June 14. After his death, video footage emerged showing Abbakar being taken into custody by RSF fighters. The Sudanese military blamed the RSF for his killing, a charge which the RSF denies.

“The last time we recorded the death toll in Geneina it was 884,” one local humanitarian worker from El Geneina, who works for a Western non-profit organization, told CNN. “That was June 9. After June 9, it was a different story. The dead became uncountable.”