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After Becoming The First US President To Have A Mugshot, Trump’s Popularity Grows

Whats happening with Trump’s campaign is exactly what I expected. As his image of being persecuted increases, so does the energy from his fans. The martyr cult intensifies. His legend grows. People at X went hysterically ecstatic: This was when Trump dropped his mugshot… — Elon Musk (Parody) (@ElonMuskAOC) August 26, 2023 Some guy […]

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Russian And Syrian Forces Attack Islamic Terrorists And Kill Dozens Of Them. Jihadists Then Ambush Syria’s Military And Kill Eleven Soldiers

Islamic terrorists ambushed and killed eleven Syrian soldiers after Syria’s and Russia’s forces attacked jihadists. As we read in the Times of Israel: Jihadists killed at least 11 soldiers in northwestern Syria Saturday when they detonated explosives placed in tunnels dug underneath army positions before attacking them, a monitor said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for […]

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