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Trump blasts expanded classified documents indictment 0-6 screenshot

Trump Now Has A Better Chance Of Winning In This Election Than At Almost Any Point In 2016. His Supporters See Him As A Persecuted Victim, And If He Gets Thrown Into Prison, Civil War Is Very Likely

CNN today came out with an article stating that Trump has a better chance of winning in this election than at almost any point in 2016. As we read in the article: Donald Trump is facing two indictments, with the potential for more. Political wisdom may have once suggested the former president’s bid for a […]

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Jordan Peterson Supports Gay Adoption And Says That A Man Can Play The Role Of The Mother In A Homosexual Marriage

One of the biggest voices for the Right in North America — Jordan Peterson — garnered a huge audience, to a great extent, because of his stance against the transgender movement. And yet, here he is on the Dave Rubin show talking about how gays can raise children and that a man in a homosexual […]

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Dennis Prager Refuses To Call Child Porn Evil

Prager is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For decades conservatives have listened to him (I know I did), but since 2017 — when Prager said on the show of the homosexual David Rubin that “The Bible said: Men, you are as happy with boys — I don’t mean 8 year olds, 15 year olds — […]

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The Conservative Movement Has Been Engulfed By Sodom

The wave of anti-trans sentiment is not really a sign that there is a serious backlash against the agenda of Sodom. If this were truly the case, then we would not be seeing so much collaboration between “conservatives” and sodomites within recent years. If it were truly the case that there is a backlash against […]

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Sudan's First Civil War 0-0 screenshot

Muslim Paramilitary Group Burns A Whole Village To The Ground, Ambushes Twenty-Eight People And Murders Them All Because They Are “Non-Arab”

An Islamic paramilitary group in Sudan, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), is reported to have murdered twenty-eight people who are non-Arab, as we read in VOA: Darfur, home to around a quarter of Sudan’s 48 million people, has seen entire towns razed to the ground, with reports of mass civilian deaths and ethnically charged assassinations […]

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Former Metairie priest pleads guilty to over 13 counts of sexual battery 0-16 screenshot

Man Gets Lost In New Orleans, And Then A Jesuit Catholic Priest Offers Him Help. The Priest Drugs The Man’s Drink And Then Rapes Him. He Does This To Seventeen Men

A Jesuit Catholic priest in New Orleans has been found guilty for the drugging and raping of seventeen men. As we read in Catholic News Agency: A former Jesuit priest has pleaded guilty to sex crimes committed in and around New Orleans, in which he was charged with drugging and raping 17 adult male victims, […]

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Serbian soldier captured by radical muslims ENG Subs - Bosnian War (Graphic) 1-32 screenshot

People Who Don’t Like Bad Language Are Red Flags

This is a photo taken of a Serbian soldier right before he was beheaded. Before the murderers took his life, they scolded him for using bad language. While they judged him for using a “bad word”, they were murderers thirsty for blood. This is why I say, people who complain about bad language are (usually) […]

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