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Niger_ thousands gather for rally to cheer coup generals as junta closes airspace 0-23 screenshot

Niger’s Military Junta Declares War On The French And States: ‘We Will Not Stop Fighting Until Every French Soldier Is Out.’

Niger has declared war on the French, demanding that the French ambassador leave the country, and stating that the fighting will not end until every French solder leaves the country. As we read in Euro News: Coup leaders have made French influence one of their top targets as they rally domestic support Niger’s military rulers […]

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After Becoming The First US President To Have A Mugshot, Trump’s Popularity Grows

Whats happening with Trump’s campaign is exactly what I expected. As his image of being persecuted increases, so does the energy from his fans. The martyr cult intensifies. His legend grows. People at X went hysterically ecstatic: This was when Trump dropped his mugshot… — Elon Musk (Parody) (@ElonMuskAOC) August 26, 2023 Some guy […]

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Russian And Syrian Forces Attack Islamic Terrorists And Kill Dozens Of Them. Jihadists Then Ambush Syria’s Military And Kill Eleven Soldiers

Islamic terrorists ambushed and killed eleven Syrian soldiers after Syria’s and Russia’s forces attacked jihadists. As we read in the Times of Israel: Jihadists killed at least 11 soldiers in northwestern Syria Saturday when they detonated explosives placed in tunnels dug underneath army positions before attacking them, a monitor said. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for […]

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'There's a level of hatred I've never seen,' Trump says in Tucker Carlson interview 0-30 screenshot

Even After Being Absent In The GOP Debate, Trump Is Still Dominating

Trump didn’t need to be in the GOP debate because he already won the nomination. As we read in the Atlantic: Instead of flying into Milwaukee to let his rivals take shots at the king, Trump opted for a more hospitable option: a Tucker Carlson interview aired on X, formerly known as Twitter. The intention […]

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Muslims Take 112 Women And Order Them To Run. As The Women Are Fleeing, The Muslims Do Target Practice And Shoot All The Women. Half Of The Women Are Pregnant

Muslim fighters in Sudan, members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), did a horrific massacre of the non-Arab people of El Geneina. Hundreds upon hundreds of people were massacred. In one instance, the RSF did target practice on 112 women — half of whom were pregnant — and shot them as they fled, after ordering […]

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Arístides Rodríguez Otero

Catholic Priest Rapes Boy Under The Age Of Five Years Old. Now He Will Be In Prison For Thirty Years

A Catholic priest in Panama raped a boy (his own nephew) under the age of 5 years old. Now he (no longer a priest) will be in prison for thirty years. As we read in Vanguardia: A court in Panama sentenced a former priest to 30 years in prison for the crimes of aggravated rape, […]

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Scary! Turkish Armed Forces _ Turkish Military Inventory _ Turkish Army 2023 0-45 screenshot

Turks Begin Construction Of Road Into Greek Territory And Violently Attack UN Peacekeepers. War Between Greek And Turk Is Inevitable

The Turkish Cypriots have begun construction of a road that they want to go through the UN controlled buffer zone that divides Turks and Greeks. The UN has objected to this, arguing that it will destabilize the fragile peace that has been maintained for decades. Turkish Cypriot forces attacked UN peacekeepers, seriously injuring three peacekeepers. […]

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Без бою немає слави_ 9-та річниця від дня заснування «Азову» 2-42 screenshot

Ukrainian Nazis Take Russian Civilians And Demand That They Say Certain Words. Once They Hear The Russian Dialect, They Execute All The Russians

Ukrainian nazis have been executing civilians for having a certain Russian accent. They demand that the passersby say certain words, and once they hear the dialect, the murder them. As we read in RGRU: The book “Ukrainian crimes against humanity (2022-2023)” by Maxim Grigoriev and Dmitry Sablin has been published. It was written on the […]

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