Major German Leader Cries Out “Everything For Germany” And Gets Put On Trial Because It Is Deemed As A Nazi Slogan By The German Government

Bjorn Hocke is being tried for saying “Everything for Germany” in a speech

A major German politician, Bjorn Hocke, was just fined for the second time for exclaiming, “Everything for Germany,” which has been deemed as a Nazi slogan by the German government since it was used by Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA, or stormtroopers). In a speech, after being found guilty for the first time, Hocke said the slogan halfway, goading the audience to complete the sentence. In this case, he was found even more guilty because this was the second time being caught, knowing full well that the slogan is deemed as a Nazi slogan (so he cannot feign arrogance). As we read in DW:

Prosecutors alleged that Höcke had been testing the boundaries when he uttered the first two words of the slogan “Everything for Germany” and goaded the crowd to complete it.

The saying was a slogan of the Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA), or stormtroopers, who played a major role when Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party came to power in 1933. In this early phase, the SA terrorized Germany, killing, torturing, and intimidating mainly communists and Jews.

Höcke had argued in his first trial that he was not aware the SA had used the phrase, which did not convince the judges.

In the latest case, the prosecution said Höcke’s second use was “in certain knowledge” of the slogan’s provenance, given that he was already in legal trouble for using it by the time of his 2023 appearance in Gera.

Höcke contested that he had not expected the crowd to finish the slogan.

Bjorn Hocke is not only not innocent, he one of an evil disposition. Hocke, probably the most famous of AfD’s leaders, once exclaimed before an ecstatic crowd for the AFD’s youth branch: “our state of mind, is still that of a totally defeated people.” In other words, ‘we are still stuck talking about the Holocaust, and it is undermining us, weakening us.’ He then attacks the Holocaust memorial, expressing how sick of it he is: “we Germans, that is, our people, are the only people in the world who have planted a monument of shame in the heart of their capital.” He later affirms that the continual emphasis on the Holocaust has paralyzed Germany:

“Coming to terms with the past as a permanent task for society as a whole paralyzes a people. And this stupid coping policy paralyzes us even more today than in Franz Josef Strauss’ time. We don’t need anything other than a 180 degree turn in the politics of remembrance!”

Hocke is awaiting for the next fuhrer of Germany who will revive the reich, for he once declared in messianic fervor:

“An emperor is sleeping in the cave of Kyffhäuserberg. And when the need is greatest, he will awaken and restore glory to the reich.”

The Jews are waiting for their false messiah, the Nazis are waiting for their fuhrer, and the Muslims their Mahdi. It is the triad of evil, and it will burn the world.