Poland And Ukraine Agree To Form A Legion Of Ukrainian Soldiers Within Poland. Major Polish Official Warns That Ukraine Is Only Dragging Poland Deeper Into Conflict With Russia

Poland and Ukraine have just formed a security alliance in which it Poland has agreed to form a Ukrainian military legion within its own borders. One Polish official, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Krzysztof Bosak, has warned that this only bringing Poland deeper into conflict with Russia. As we read in Kresy:

Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a Polish-Ukrainian security agreement in Warsaw on Monday. “We treat every word in this agreement as mutual obligations, not empty promises,” Tusk declared. “Our agreement includes an agreement on the formation and training of a Ukrainian legion in Poland,” Zelensky emphasized. He added that one of the important provisions of the agreement is the provision on cooperation in counteracting Russian air attacks that may be heading towards Poland.

Kresy also reported on the warning of Bosak:

The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm was a guest of Radio WNET on Tuesday. Referring to the Polish-Ukrainian security agreement signed on Monday, Krzysztof Bosak emphasized that the signing of the agreement “was not preceded by any consultation or debate in parliament.”

“It looks like another piece of legislation that is being quietly passed somewhere, so to speak. I hope the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was involved. Not just the prime minister himself, that would be strange,” he stressed.

“International agreements mean taking on further obligations for our country,” he added.

Asked about the Ukrainian legion to be formed in Poland, he replied: “I see it as Ukraine drawing us deeper and deeper into this conflict. I think this is the opposite direction to where we should be going.”

Bosak expressed the opinion that Poland should move “in the direction of not getting involved in the war in Ukraine”. He added that “Ukraine is doing everything to get us even more involved”.