The World Is Preparing For A Trump Presidency

It appears that the world is preparing for a Trump presidency. We have Putin declaring that he will take Trump’s peace plan for Ukraine seriously; Zelensky saying that he wants to know what Trump’s plan for Ukraine is; European countries discussing how to “Trump proof” NATO, and Netanyahu toying with Biden on a settlement for the Gaza bloodbath. Its all eyes on Trump and none on Biden. Speaking at a news conference in Kazakstan, Putin stated:

“The fact that Mr. Trump, as a presidential candidate, declares that he is ready and wants to stop the war in Ukraine, we take this completely seriously … I am not, of course, familiar with possible proposals for how he plans to do this. This is the key question. But I have no doubt that he means it sincerely, and we support it (the idea of ending the war).”

The war in Ukraine will not end without the winner — Russia — getting territory. Russia will keep Crimea and the Donbas, and this is exactly what Trump has in mind. In April of 2024, the Washington Post reported that Trump, in private, mooted a peace plan in which Putin would keep his control over Crime and the region of Donbas. This is something that the Biden administration would never dare entertain, since the West has adopted the approach of pushing the Ukrainians to be cannon fodder, as opposed to ending the war on certain terms. Of course, Putin, knowing that Trump appears to be willing to give a nod to Russia keeping territory, is welcoming towards Trump. Zelensky is already asking for Trump’s proposal for the war, going so far as to say:

“If Trump knows how to finish this war, he should tell us today … If there are risks to Ukrainian independence, if we lose statehood — we want to be ready for this, we want to know.”

The president of Ukraine is already telling Trump, ‘Are we going to lose territory?’ Its almost as if these leaders are foreseeing a Trump presidency. “I’m only saying, the money that we’re spending on this war, and we shouldn’t be spending, it should have never happened. I will have that war settled between Putin and Zelensky as president-elect before I take office on January 20th. I’ll have that war settled,” stated Trump.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is toying with Biden, acing like he agrees with a ceasefire and then pulling back (kind of like how the Iranians were dangling a deal to Carter to release the American embassy hostages only to rescind it; it turns out that the Iranians were working American operatives to make Carter look weak). When Biden invited Netanyahu for a meeting in the White House, the Israeli prime minister was in America to give a speech to help Trump. While Biden is being diplomatic with Netanyahu, he is already in cahoots with Trump. Biden told the whole world during his debate that the Israelis had accepted his peace plan, but in June of 2024, Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel 14 that he only backed a “partial deal” that will release “some of the hostages” and permit him to continue the war in Gaza. The Israelis have not accepted anything, they only pretended to. To quote Zeeshan Aleem: “The Biden administration is once again being played by Netanyahu. There’s no evidence that Netanyahu will take steps to end the war without having his hand forced by the U.S.” Meanwhile, Biden has been losing support for being too warm with the Israelis. As Moira Donegan wrote:

more than half of Americans now disapprove of Israel’s handling of the Gaza war, according to a recent Gallup poll. Maybe that’s one of the same polls that the Biden campaign feels determined to ignore. But they shouldn’t: the “uncommitted” movement that aimed to express displeasure at Biden’s support for the attack on Gaza in the Democratic primary produced vote tallies higher than Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in some states.

Trump has had a much softer tone when it comes to supporting Israel than he did when he was president. He told the Israeli government: “get it over with … get back to peace and stop killing people.” In states like Michigan and Minnesota, the Arab vote is very important, but according to May polling from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, only 7% of Arab-Americans are currently planning to vote for Biden, which means Biden will lose votes in states heavily populated by Arabs, votes that Trump can take. Trump has been working with Massad Boulos, an American-Lebanese business who has been trying to convince Arab Americans that Trump will bring peace to Gaza. Boulos said in an interview:

“Obviously the No. 1 point that is of high priority within the Arab American community is the current war in the Middle East … And the question is, who can bring peace and who is bringing war? And they know the answer to that.”

“One less vote for Biden is a vote for Trump,” said Bishara Bahbah, chairman of the group Arab Americans for Trump. If the Israelis can continue to be aloof, they will make Biden look weak in the face of Israel, thus leaking out support from voters who are sympathetic to the Palestinians. Is it a coincidence that Netanyahu has said that fighting in Gaza will be winding down? As we read in AP News:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the current phase of fighting against Hamas in Gaza is winding down, setting the stage for Israel to send more troops to its northern border to confront the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

The comments threatened to further heighten the tensions between Israel and Hezbollah at a time when they appear to be moving closer to war. Netanyahu also signaled that there is no end in sight for the grinding war in Gaza.

The Israeli leader said in a lengthy TV interview that while the army is close to completing its current ground offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, that would not mean the war against Hamas is over. But he said fewer troops would be needed in Gaza, freeing up forces to battle Hezbollah.

Perhaps Netanyahu wants to wind down the fighting because he believes a Trump presidency is in the horizon? Meanwhile, the Europeans are planning on “Trump proofing” NATO, in fear of his American isolationism. AP reported: “Growing skepticism about President Joe Biden’s reelection chances has European leaders heading to the NATO summit in Washington confronting the prospect that the military alliance’s most prominent critic, Donald Trump, may return to power over its mightiest military.”

The Europeans are planning on becoming more independent militarily, the Russians are saying they will take seriously a Trump peace proposal, Zelensky is asking Trump if Ukraine will lose territory. Is the world preparing for a Trump presidency.