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Muslims Murder Christian, And Put A Bible On His Corpse In Order To Mock Christ

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Kenya murdered a Christian man and placed a Bible on his back in order to mock Christ. He was just one of 29 other victims slaughtered in a major and very recent massacre in Kenya. As one report reads: 29 people were killed in overnight attacks by terror group al-Shabaab […]

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Chinese Government Gets Sick Of Islamic Violence, Take 13 Muslim Jihadists And Execute All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat The Chinese government, getting so sick and tired of Islamic violence, took 13 Muslims and executed all of them in a measure of pure justice. According to one report: China executed 13 people today for “terrorist attacks” in the far western region of Xinjiang, state media said, while a further three were […]

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Muslims Make Very Calculated Attack, And Butcher Twenty One People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria made a very calculated attack in a major mall, butchering twenty one people. According to one report: At least 21 people were killed in an explosion at a shopping mall in Nigeria’s capital on Wednesday. The blast came as Nigerians were preparing to watch their country’s Super Eagles play […]

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Muslims Kidnap Christian Woman And Take Her To An Apartment Where A Muslim Imam Ties Her Up And Rapes Her Until She Bleeds

Posted by Theodore Shoebat Muslims kidnapped a Christian woman in Egypt, and take her to an apartment where a Muslim imam ties her up and raped her until she bled, after which her captors took her to the hospital. Here is a video in which the woman gives her testimony of this horrible cruelty: AFTER […]

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Muslims Order Christians That They Must Pay $250 Or More, Or Else The Christians Will Be Slaughtered

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, have ordered Christians that they must pay $250 or more, or be slaughtered. According to one report: The semi-official channel Al-Iraqiya quoted sources as saying that “The terrorist gangs of ISIL imposed Jizya on Christians in Mosul, so as not to be killed,” Al-Manar reported. “The Jizya amounts […]

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Rand Paul Says: “I say not one penny to any country that persecutes Christians.”

By Theodore Shoebat Rand Paul recently affirmed that the United States must not send any money to countries that persecute Christians, since Obama is supporting the jihad in Syria which has slaughtered countless Christians. Rand Paul said: There’s a war on Christianity going on, and sometimes you’re being asked to pay for it… I say […]

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Muslims Want To Establish New Policy To Exterminate Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims want to establish new policy to exterminate Christians, and we this taking place in Iraq right now. The situation in Iraq will lead to a major war within the country, a war so violent that it could just end Christianity in the region. Bishop Sirop, a native Iraqi, said: We fear […]

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Muslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches, And Say That If They Open Them Up, They Will Burn Them Down

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nineveh, Iraq, have ordered Christians to keep their churches closed, and told them that if they open their churches, that they will burn them down. According to a native Iraqi pastor, named Majeed, described this destruction of Christian liberty: That they are not allowed to open their churches. And even […]

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Ten Hindus Gang Rape Young Woman, Parade Her Naked Around The Streets, And When She Asks For A Little Water, They Force Her To Drink Urine In Front Of Her Own Son

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in India was gang raped by ten Hindus, and one of whom was her own husband. After they raped her, they then paraded her naked, and when she asked for just a little water, they forced her to drink urine. According to one report: In yet another shocking incident of […]

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Muslims Take Christian Man, And Slaughter Him Right In Front Of His Son

By Theodore Shoebat With the takeover of Mosul in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Christians are being butchered at random. In just one incident, they took a Christian man and murdered him right in front of his son. They then kidnapped his son and did not release him until […]

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Muslim Man Demands Second Wife, His First Wife Objects, Muslim Man Murders Her, Hangs Her Body From The Ceiling Fan, And Then Shoots His Two Children To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Pakistan demanded a second wife, and when his first wife objected, he murdered her, hung her body from the ceiling fan, and then shot his six year old daughter, and his 9 year old daughter. According to one Pakistani report: Rubina, 30, was found hanging from a ceiling […]

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Muslims Take Christian Girls, Cut And Lacerate Their Bodies, Rape Them, Mutilate Their Vaginas, And Tell Them To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat It is very common in Pakistan for Muslims to take Christian girls, cut and lacerate their bodies, rape them, mutilate their vaginas, and forcefully tell them to convert to Islam. According to one report, between 100 to 700 Christian girls are kidnapped every year in Pakistan and put through this type of […]

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Young 15 Year Old Girl Gets Gang Raped By 38 Muslim Men For Several Hours

By Theodore Shoebat A young 15 year old girl in Malaysia was gang raped by 38 Muslim men, with each man taking turns for several hours. Police have arrested 15 men and are looking for the remaining ones as the investigation is going under way. According to several media outlets, police chief Azham Otham said […]

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Muslim Man: “I killed my wife”

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man named Mohammad Ibqal murdered his wife so that he could then marry Farzana Parveen, a woman who in turn was recently murdered by her father and brothers, as Shoebat.com reported. Ibqal said: I wanted to send a proposal to Farzana, so I killed my wife Ibqal was arrested but […]

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Muslims Gang Rape 19 Year Old Girl, Girl Runs To Police Where Five Muslims Gang Rape Her And Then Shove Her Complaint Paper Up Her Vagina

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan gang raped a 19-year young girl, and she ran to the police, two police officers and three other Muslims Where gang raped her and then shove her complaint paper up her vagina. Doctors say that her vagina is in a state of severe mutilation. According to a Pakistani report: […]

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