Muslims Take Christian Man, And Slaughter Him Right In Front Of His Son

By Theodore Shoebat

With the takeover of Mosul in Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Christians are being butchered at random.

In just one incident, they took a Christian man and murdered him right in front of his son. They then kidnapped his son and did not release him until a ransom was paid. His mother, Suad Saeed, recounted the horrific event:

They killed my husband in front of my son. He’s badly traumatized from this horrific ordeal. I desperately asked everybody I knew to help me pay the ransom. I couldn’t suffer another loss… Afterward, we had no other choice but to flee for our lives.

A Catholic Iraqi native named Danny described how Christians in Iraq are going through kidnapping, torture and murder:

We, Christians, have been objects of kidnapping, torture and killing by extremists hoping to extort money from us or to force us to convert to Islam —for several months

Danny was amongst 350 Christian families who fled Mosul. A priest named Fr. Jaar has been witnessing this great exodus as he helps more refugees coming from Iraq to Jordan, and described what horrors the Christians are enduring, and how merciless the jihadists are:

All the people are suffering. But as we are a minority — minority Christians — it is normal to suffer more than the others. But even the Muslims are suffering from these fanatic people… They don’t have mercy on anyone, Christian or Muslim. The only answer they have is to kill them. …That’s why people are afraid when they heard that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant came and occupied their region. They immediately left their houses and came looking for a secure place

The priest is preparing himself for the masses of refugees that will coming, that he can help them and tend to their needs. He explained:

As soon as I heard that ISIL occupied Mosul, I have been preparing myself… I am quite sure that a big wave of refugees will come here because Jordan is the only country in the region where people can find a secure place.

The Christians are surely the most vulnerable people in all of Iraq. They are not Muslim, but Orthodox; not heretics, but of the true Faith. The devils are surely after them. We are working very hard to save Christians in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and in other lands where we can help save and rescue Christian lives.



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