Muslims Take Christian Girls, Cut And Lacerate Their Bodies, Rape Them, Mutilate Their Vaginas, And Tell Them To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

It is very common in Pakistan for Muslims to take Christian girls, cut and lacerate their bodies, rape them, mutilate their vaginas, and forcefully tell them to convert to Islam.

According to one report, between 100 to 700 Christian girls are kidnapped every year in Pakistan and put through this type of torture and attempted forced conversion. The report included a list of the different forms of persecution committed:

detention, interrogation, imposition of an onerous financial penalty, forced labor, forced mass resettlement, imprisonment, forced religious conversion, beating, torture, mutilation, rape, enslave- ment, murder, and execution.

Some of the fashions of torture listed here are what the Christian husband and wife Shafqat and Shagufta (whose case we are currently taking) endured.

The Muslim police officers who sadistically tormented them threatened the husband that they will strip his wife completely naked on the road.

Their son had this to say about the event:

They forced my father to admit the accusation [of blasphemy] but my father denied. They tortured my father and said that if he will not admit then they will beat his wife and will take her on the road naked. So my father admitted.

Tania Rebecca, a young Christian girl from Pakistan, was kidnapped by Muslims who repeatedly gang raped her and violently pressed her to become Muslim, they then sold her to other Muslims who inflicted her with the utmost of wanton cruelty.Tania recounted her unbearable tortures when she said:

…they sold me to Muhammad Ismael and Khadim Hussain. Both of them rapidly raped me and tortured me severely. They used to tie me to a tree and rape me. They used to torture me by burning my body with cigarettes, and cut my body with sharp knives… They had severely tortured me with sharp blades. …I cannot even explain in front of the camera how badly I was tortured by them in different parts of my body.

Rescue Christians took good care of Tania, made sure she was well hospitalized and placed her and her mother in an area where she remains safe.

The stories of torture are endless, and we must strive to help save more Christian girls from sexual torture and abuse. Please help us. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION THAT WILL SAVE CHRISTIAN GIRLS IN PAKISTAN


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