We wish to Remember and Honor each Veteran on this Day

Let us remember today as a tribute to all that served the most decorated soldier in US military history Audie Murphy, a veteran of tremendous accomplishments. A boy of 17 (faked his age) who joined the army and wanted to serve his country. Audie was 5′ 5″, one hundred ten pounds, laughed at by many, and barely made it out of training camp. He nearly made cook instead of infantryman.

Veteran and American Hero Audie Murphy.

Veteran and American Hero Audie Murphy.

This little guy accomplished courage and bravery not seen since the story of David in the Bible, another shepherd boy who showed unfathomable courage.

In the Movie “To Hell and Back” the story of Murphy is told with him playing the part himself. It was the highest grossing film in Hollywood history until the release of the film Jaws 20 years later.

Watch it and remember all the brave men and women who served and sacrified for our freedom.


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