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Satanists In Ohio Rape Five Year Old Boy In Satanic Ritual And Film The Rape. Now Police Are Saying That There Are Hundreds Of Photos Of Victims Being Raped By The Satan Worshippers, Even A One Year Old Boy

By Theodore Shoebat and Andrew Bieszad  A circle of satanists raped a five year old boy in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a satanic ritual and filmed the evil act. Police have said that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos of victims by this cult. One of the evildoers, William Bustillos III, confessed to authorities that he sodomized […]

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Satanists Take Five Year Old Boy And Scoop One Of His Eyeballs Out With A Spoon, And Call Upon Satan To Reveal Himself To Them

By Theodore Shoebat A Satanist family cult in Mexico took their five year old soon, and the mother scooped the poor child’s eye out with a spoon, as they all called upon Satan to reveal himself to them. One report states: A Mexican family has been jailed for gouging out the eyes of their five-year-old […]

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