Satanists In Ohio Rape Five Year Old Boy In Satanic Ritual And Film The Rape. Now Police Are Saying That There Are Hundreds Of Photos Of Victims Being Raped By The Satan Worshippers, Even A One Year Old Boy

(Left) William Bustillos and to the right is Joseph Suder

By Theodore Shoebat and Andrew Bieszad 

A circle of satanists raped a five year old boy in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a satanic ritual and filmed the evil act. Police have said that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos of victims by this cult. One of the evildoers, William Bustillos III, confessed to authorities that he sodomized a five year old and even took photographed his victim for “sexual gratification,” authorities said. Bustillos was also sharing the photos with others in the Cincinnati area.

Another demon worshipper, Joseph Suder, was arrested for raping a 7 year old and taking photos, but police did not give details on the relationship between the two insidious and evil persons. Suder also took photos of two other children, ages 5 and 8, at the Oakwood Apartments on Brooklyn Avenue.

Suder had a second Facebook profile in which he complains about being accused of molesting his son:

Lockland Police Chief James Toles said that this was the most horrifying thing he has ever seen in his 31 years in service:

“I’ve been doing this for 31 years and have I ever come into contact with a case like this? No. … It’s a tough situation.”

Lockland Sgt. Scott Godbey said that authorities confiscated multiple electronics, such as laptops, phones, gaming consoles and flash drives from Bustillos’ apartment. What they found was horrifying, or in the words of Godbey: “very graphic, very demeaning and very upsetting and unsettling.” “It was rough sleeping last night,” Godbey said.

“There are a lot of indications it was used for producing pornographic films involving children,” said Lockland Sgt. Chris Lind “It was very disturbing to be in there.”

A report from says:

Lind confirmed officers found pentagrams and satanic elements in the room where the pornography was filmed.

Police documents indicate Bustillos was found to have child pornography and images featuring bestiality with child victims.

Some of the child porn contains bestiality on a child as young as 1 year old, Lind said in court on Thursday.

“It seems like there might be a ring going on from talking to our suspect,” Lind said. “We’re hoping to uncover who these people are and put them away for a long time.”

Godbey said the Milford investigation revealed more victims who have not been identified and could be images sent to Bustillos from other possible suspects.

He said there are at least hundreds, and “probably” thousands of pictures.

We found William Bustillos’ Facebook page and it is riddled with satanic imagery, pages and propaganda.

He loves to call himself a witch:


He wore a pentagram, since he was indeed a satanist:



He also expressed openly his hatred for the Christian God:



He also liked several photos dedicated to witchcraft and sorcery:


So what we are looking at here is a demonstration of exactly what St. Paul wrote about when he was warning on the evils of Sodom. First he writes on: “men, leaving the natural use of the [woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” (Romans 1:30) He then describes the sodomites as haters of God, violent (Romans 1:30). These are the sodomites, and they as citizens of the Republic of Sodom are working to force the earth into believing in their religion and bowing down to their diabolical religion. The sodomite knows no bounds in the depths of his evils; there are no limits and all people could fall prey to their sinister agenda. Children are not even spared their evil as they are seen as pawns to be influenced by their cult of men dressing and appearing women (transgenderism). And do not think that this is just the Left wing who are inculcating society with the evils of Sodom.

The Right-wing have their own sodomites within their ranks.

Almost all of the conservative media outlets that we were familiar with, have bowed down to Sodom. The whole Western world is being polarized, not by Islam, but by the sodomite agenda. Like a torrent of shadows, all of the political and theological media establishments, even those that claim to be for “family values,” are promoting the religion of Sodom and Gomorrah, advancing the most diabolical things, homosexuality and pedophilia.

We had thought that the Catholic conservative establishment, Church Militant TV — which presents itself as a place “where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed,” had been the last media outlet for true Catholic activism. But, even Church Militant — with its name “Militant” denoting combat against Satan and all of his wiles — has bowed down to the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are now promoting one of the trending sodomites of our time, Milo Yiannopoulos.

So, we decided that we are going to confront Michael Voris. Theodore Shoebat called him, he answered, and they argued it out:

Just yesterday, Church Militant TV posted an interview between Milo and America magazine. Supposedly, so the story goes, Milo interviewed with America magazine which then reneged from publishing it. Church Militant, to further aid Milo, published this interview, which is utterly diabolical. Prefacing the interview, Church Militant writes in regards to Milo:

we [Milo and Church Militant] are on the same page with regard to the unchanging teachings of the Church and opposing Catholics who would try to change Christ’s teachings to make them more comfortable.

We took a snapshot of this post by Church Militant, and underlined this sentence:

So, according to Church Militant TV and its leader, Michael Voris, Milo, this sodomite who promotes pedophilia, eugenics and homosexuality, is someone who upholds the teachings of the Church. Milo is a major promoter of pedophilia who participated in pedophile parties in Hollywood. To quote Milo:

“The relationships with those with older men have helped those young boys discover who they are. And give them security and safety, provide them with love and reliable and sort of a rock. Where they can’t speak to their parents.”

To expose this further, Milo, someone who promotes Hitlerian sodomite eugenics, is on “the same page” with Church Militant and Michael Voris. Milo, the eugenist sodomite of the right-wing, writes: “gay men are smarter. we test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts. Intelligence allows us to ‘transcend’ our evolutionary programming”.

Voris’ excuse is that Church Militant was simply posting an interview that America magazine refused to publish. But so what? There is no context, in which presenting the work of a pedophile, sodomite and eugenist, is good.

Dennis Prager will also back Sodom and speak very lightly about pedophilia, as is demonstrable in his conversation with the sodomite Dave Rubin:

Prager: “I am as comfortable with these two couples as with heterosexual couples

Rubin: And by the way, for the record, right before we started you asked me if I was married. You didn’t know if I was straight or gay and I didn’t sense that you cared—

Prayer: And my immediate concern was how did you meet. I wanna hear your romance. I’m as interested as if it was a woman.

Prager: “Well I assumeyou’d rather be on a political channel than a gay channel.”

Rubin: “Yeah!”

Prager: You’re not defined by your gayness.

Rubin: “This is as gay as it gets.

Prager: “Yes.”

Prager: “Normal is not defined by your sexual orientation … By the way I actually believe bisexual is the norm.

Prager: “The Bible said: ‘Men, you are as happy with boys — I don’t mean 8 year olds, 15 year olds — just as a grown man is happy with a 15 year old girl. In that sense, homosexuals and heterosexuals are identical.”

And what does Prager say about those people (like us) who oppose Sodom? Here are his words:

“Look, there are people on the Right — I hate to say this, and this bothers me — there are people on the Right who have contempt for gays. And its wrong, its biblically wrong, its humanly wrong, and it does bother me.”

The religion of Sodom is taking over the world and has inundated both the Left and and Right factions of American political discourse.

But this entire problem of Sodom is here because people are terrified of confronting the sodomites, and choose to show toleration as opposed to disdain towards their horrid religion. There is a reason why King Josiah brake down the houses of the sodomites (2 Kings 23:7), it is because if the sodomites are not destroyed by the rightful hand of the State, then the sodomites will overtake the state and use it the sword of the government to persecute you.


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