French President gets in touch with his French Ancestors; waves another White Flag

In the wake of the Toulouse Jihadist attack, French President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a statement to the people of France in which he encouraged them not to get angry and to give Islam another in a long line of passes. In fact, the Muslim community in France has already begun to seize the upper hand by claiming Islamophobia will be used to intimidate them.

Here are two screenshots from Sarkozy’s statement that are particularly shameful:

Here’s the full statement via The Guardian:

If these western leaders are well-meaning, incompetence is ruling the day. This terrorist – like countless others – killed in the name of his religion and France’s president wants his people to “overcome their indignation” and accept the faulty premise that Islam has nothing to do with this.

This is precisely how the Jihadists want Sarkozy to respond because it further entrenches their power.

Westerners have learned that it’s wrong to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater when their isn’t one. Isn’t it also wrong NOT to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is?

If it is, Sarkozy is guilty.


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