Archive | September 13, 2013

Breaking: Is U.S. Government Harassing Walid Shoebat?

Today, Walid appeared on the Kuhner Report with Jeffrey Kuhner with some breaking news. Before getting to that, Kuhner asked Walid to talk about why he believes the Syrian rebels are responsible for the Chemical weapons attacks. The subject eventually moved to Obama’s family in general, and Malik Obama in particular. Regular readers to our […]

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The Dangers of Secular Conservatism

By Theodore Shoebat There is a schism within the Conservative movement, between those who are for God and His laws, and those who are for secular conservatism. Those who uphold the Divine Law, will have a foundation upon which their views will stand sturdy and indefatigable, like the wise man who built his house on […]

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"Dangerous" Tea Party leaders targeted by IRS.

Lois Lerner: Tea Party “Dangerous”, Terrorists Ok

In newly released emails penned by Lois Lerner, Director of Tax Exempt Organizations at the IRS, it’s been learned that this woman identified Tea Parties as “dangerous”. Conversely, she fast-tracked the 501(c)(3) application of a foundation headed by a man who works for the Sudan’s Muslim Brotherhood government. That man also happens to be the […]

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